Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y: Yogurt

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She loved eating yogurt,
She would eat day and night,
The other thing she loved,
Was her hut.

Alone she would eat,
All flavors of yogurt.
Strawberry, Lemon, Kiwi,
Watermelon and even Chocolate.

Yes, Chocolate yogurt;
She had her factory of manufacturing it,
Behind her hut,
Away from everyone eyes.

One day there appeared,
A child from nowhere,
Hungry he was,
And yogurt was all that he saw.

So many colors, so many flavors
His mouth watered,
He lost his resistance level,
And he licked them clean.

When she saw,
Angry and livid, she was
“How dare you eat all this?”
She demanded him.

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 “Forgive me, Sister,
I am hungry and have nowhere to go,
I am lost and abandoned,
And shelter and food, is all I took here.”

Her heart melted,
Seeing such a small child
In so many troubles;
And so many tears.

“Fine,” she said;
“You may stay here.
But remember, everything has a price
And you have to work to earn it.”

“I will madam,
Just let me eat and stay,
Because weak and week I am,
And no support in this treacherous world.”

She took her in,
Taught him everything,
How to make yogurt
And maintain it.

He was a fast learner,
And quite intelligent.
He mastered every art
And reaped her awards.

Together they rule the world,
Selling yogurt of all flavors.
Everyone comes to them,
To taste and satisfy their glands.

Food is great,
It connects souls as never before,
Food is a medium
To remove boundaries and one.


Ranveer vishal said...

Because weak and week I am,
And no support in this treacherous world.”

I love every word, Nikita:) It's heart wrenching and melted the heart at the same time:)

Nikita Dudani said...

Thank you @Ranveer Vishal

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