Thursday, April 9, 2015

H: Hues of Human Beings

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"Being Happy is all about it,” Tanya affirmed by looking through her glasses and book.

“That is so clichéd. Real life is not books, Tanya”, Risha said with authority.

“You are saying that because you really not know what simple life is.”

“Yeah, as you know life very well.”

“I do. My books have taught me that”, Tanya kept her book down and removed her glasses. Her maroon drape was flowing on her purple tank top, which complimented her orange flowy long skirt very well. There was something beautiful about her. Even with simple Kajal, Tanya had potential of capturing anyone through her eyes. It was as she had hidden her real self somewhere with her books. No doubt, her knowledge was unbeatable.

“Really? Books! Come one. Grow up sweetheart. Books are not life. Life is another name of struggle, fame, name, money, and only real experience can teach you that…“…and not books!” Risha continued in a slight higher tone. She was one practical girl. Nothing could beat her sense of judgment, individuality, and constant fight to prove herself. Her casual red top and blue jeans told lot about her. She was aggressive yet peaceful. She knew how to use her talents at right place.

“They very well can. Only if you read them and make them your best friends. How do you know that they are not worthy? After all stories are inspired from real life.”

“But it comes with happy endings. And, in life one cannot guarantee it. Actually, nothing is guaranteed in life.”

“Maybe. But I will still stay that books are life.”

“Not for me”, Risha dismissed the idea.

“Let us leave to our lives. We are anyways, heading in opposite direction for our career. We shall see how other faired on her principles.”

“Done. I like that,” Risha ran her hand in her long ponytail as a sign that she was in for this challenge.

They had been friends since their high school; they both have been each other priced possession. One look and the other knew what was wrong or right. They completed each other even when their ideologies clashed. Now, they both were to travel to make their careers. While Tanya headed towards South to complete her studies to be a successful writer, Risha headed towards North to be a successful actor.

Time passed by. They both made new friends but never left each other. They used to give them their life updates and career plans. They both were doing well in their respective fields and now, it was time when the gates of real world lay open in front of them. Who will win? Risha with her experience and practical knowledge or Tanya with her compassion and her knowledge based on books?

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