Thursday, April 16, 2015

N: Nothing like being Naughty

There’s nothing like being Naughty,
It is hale and hearty.
You can splash some water,
Or maybe throw some salt in ice-cream.

No one will judge you
Or condemn you.
Because they will be, busy
Giggling at their own stupidity.

Being Naughty is a special power
You need superpower and vision
Twist & tweak everything around
And have laughter roaming around

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How about serving chilies covered with chocolate
Or just randomly stalking someone around.
Naughty, Naughtier or Naughtiest
Anything is best.

Naughtiness is a characteristic,
That creates a sensation
Maybe that wink
Or that Devil emotion!

For naughty people like me,
We make everyone smile
At least they forget their troubles for a while.
So Hail our community & we!
Let us make the world little more naughty! ;)


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