Monday, April 6, 2015

E: Eastman color

Anya had enough. She decided to confront Shekhar and talk to him. She loved him and had always taken stand for him. But at sometimes she felt that her friends were not completely wrong. Instead of thinking too much and shunning herself to stress, she thought to discuss it with him.

She waited for him at their usual hangout spot. At sharp 5 PM, dressed in casual white t-shirt and blue denim, he arrived. Seeing her always made him happy. He loved her frank and outgoing personality. She would not shy away from sharing her true thoughts and that made him love her rigorously, forever.

“You’re on time. I like that”, saying it, he hugged her.

“Yeah. Learnt it from you”, she replied casually.

“Haha… At least you are being punctual.”

They smiled, settled at their table, and asked their usual order.

“So tell me, what have you been thinking and over thinking about for last few days?”

“How do you know?”

“It was obvious. You tone, voice, and mood swings were pretty clear.”


He took her hands in to his and said lovingly, “Tell me what happened?”

“You know, I love you.”

“Well yeah. I hope you continue to love me,” he tried making moment light. Seeing no response, he was worried and wanted her to share her problem.

After a brief pause, she said, “I love you for what you are. Smart, handsome, caring, reliable, friendly, understanding, and so respectful. But…”

“But what?”

“But at times you behave like Eastman color.”

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“Sorry, what? Eastman color?”

“Yes. I know you are old school but sometimes it becomes irritating.”

He became serious. She wanted him to speak but he did not. He wanted her to speak what had been bothering her.

She continued, “I do not want you to do PDA but little bit of it, does not bother. My friends keep saying same, I always dismiss their words, but now, I feel same.”

“Feel what?” he asked motionlessly.

“That you are too old school. You sleep early; you do not come out at 12 a.m to celebrate birthdays. You do not party like others, which I like but a little bit of enjoying, is never harmful. And talking about us, at times, you seem so distant. Even while we are between other couples, you do not behave like ‘couple-couple’, just like friends. I mean, I want you to display your feelings openly for me, through words….” She paused and continued, “I do not know whether I am making sense or explaining it properly but…”

“But I understood it” he spoke rather seriously. The voice scared her. He looked at her quite lovingly and spoke, “You want me to behave like other boyfriends. The one that your friend has. Firstly, I am so sorry for putting you in such a situation where you feel embarrassed because of Me.”
“No, no. that is not what I meant”, she intertwined.

“That is okay, even if you have been. I can understand. This is not the first time someone had complained me about my habits. Even my parents and my sibling feel the same. For everyone, words are important and not action. However, I believe in latter. I thought that maybe you would understand me but I think; I failed you.  For me, you have always been an awesome personality. I awed you for being frank, outgoing, and honest. I can never be so. I love you from the core of my heart but I know I would not ever be able to put it into words. I have been like this and will continue to do. It is now onto you how would you react to it. Because I can love you unconditionally but I can never be someone that I am not! And being Eastman color, I believe in that. I do not support the reckless behavior; couples indulge in nowadays and then, face problems. It is better to plan things and move. I am like an old Hindi film, yaar.”

Anya did not speak for some time. Laid deep in her thoughts, she remembered how he had been her ultimate happiness bag. Now, she was judging him just because he was an Eastman color.
 “I am so sorry Shekhar. It is not you; it is I, who has failed you. I cannot believe what I just did. I love you and I want you and the way you are”, Anya pressed his hand tight on his, hoping he would understand.

He took her hand in his and said, “It is okay sweetheart. I am not upset with you. I hope I clarified your doubts.”

“Of course and you made realize how wrong I have been.”

“Was this you were over thinking on, you stupid girl! You could have discussed it on phone.”

“I am glad, I didn’t. Otherwise, we would have missed our magical moment.”

They both smiled and enjoyed their meet without any doubts.


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