Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review: 10 Patients

Book Name: 10 Patients

Author Name: Dr. Wasim Mohideen

Publication Name: Blackbuck Publication

Reality is what everyone wants. However, are we ready to accept it? If you are thinking for an answer, then you should definitely read, ’10 Patients’ by Dr. Wasim Mohideen.

A book on survival, hope, and inspiration; it has all aspects that shows you the reality of life. Dr. Wasim has spent many years in searching for ten stories that makes a difference. The simple yet intriguing language makes the read more interesting. The flow between the stories is smooth as you get the feel of every story.

Some of the stories makes you ponder on life while other makes you wonder that such things still exist? Stories like ‘Look, Someone wants to marry me’, ‘Where is my wife?’, and ‘Trapped’ makes a significant effect on you. By reading this book, you can actually feel the pain, stress or any other emotion the characters are going through.

In his own words, the author in an exclusive interview with Strokes of Pen had said, “o patients is a book about 10 of my patients whose attitude towards life, struck me and their need to tell their stories to the world inspired me to write the book. These are ten true life stories of people whose attitude, I wish I had!”

The interesting fact about this book is that it is kept in conversational tone. Just like Dr. Wasim had with his patients. I feel that this raw writing enhances the book overall and allows a user to have a transparent look at the facts.

I would definitely recommend this book to be read on any Sunny leisure day.


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