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V: Vagabond Vejali

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Vejali was a vagabond. She was like a butterfly, sometime here, sometimes there. She did not have any fix place except her parent’s home. But she had left it since her late teens. She did not liked to be under someone. Better to have a life, she can handle than letting others taking decisions.

Her job kept her busy and on toes. She travelled a lot. And had made an OCD that she would not stay in any company for more than one year. Whenever asked her, she used to say, “Staying with someone or something for too long makes you emotionally attach. And I do not want emotional complexes.”

She was totally a wanderer. She explored, travelled, ate, enjoyed life more than anyone else. On such a travel, she befriended a group of gypsy and had a blast. They spent there days & night, partying, drinking, and smoking. She loved this kind of atmosphere. No guilt, no remembrance and no one knows the other person.

On such a party night, when she was not too high, she saw a new member to the group. He was tall, dark, and handsome. “The typical romantic guy,” she thought, picked up her dink and left.

That guy too noticed her and followed her to her table. She was sitting there, her legs spread on other chair and happily smoking cigarette and enjoying her Vodka.

“Can I join you?” he asked.

She moved, saw him, tried to get her vision clear. Her head was thumping loudly due to smoke and drinks. She said, “O! Do I know you? Never mind, you can join. You do not need permission, everything is open her, sweetheart.”

“Thanks. I am new to such place.”

She laughed, “Are you a kid? Don’t look like one.”

“Is it necessary that only kids stay away from such place. I am a time-table guy.”

“Ah! The boring tycoon’s type, I get it. Most of the people in my office are like that.”    
“So you work too, great.”

She narrowed her eyes, came closer to table and said, “You think I am a rich b***, who does not work? No sir. I very well pay for my life style. You see, I am free, strong, and independent women.”
The way she stressed on the words, surprised him.

“that’s nice. I am a feminist too. I support women and their rights.”

“Oh! Sure you do.”

“You do not sound convinced. Can I ask why?”

“Well, I know feminist guys like you. Double faced you are. On one hand, you speak about great rights and on other, you cut the wings,” she uttered them with strong voice.

He smiled, “Well, you see, you are not position to judge me. You are quite drunk. When you are conscious, maybe we can talk.”

She just looked up.

“Anyways, thanks for the company ma’am. I am leaving my card, in case you remember me and want to discuss my feminist views.”

She looked at the card and began smoking. He did not respond and left.


Next morning, she woke near the beach. She was there where she was drinking last night. Her head ached and she made her way to her room. She did not remember anything last night. She slept for some more time. It was quite late when she woke up. She as relieved that her hangover was gone. After all it was Showtime now. She had a meeting next day and spent her evening preparing for it.
The next morning, she reached on time for her meeting. The clients were happy with her work, her views, and plans. Everyone complimented her for being so foresighted.

“Congratulations. Well put presentation. We soon send this our boss and he will finalize it,” the manager said.

“That would be great.”

She left the place by leaving her visiting card. While surfing, she found a new card. “Amazing. I do not remember meeting this guy,” she thought. She went back to her hotel and pondered upon it. 

Should she call him. Was it an important person or random.

“Let me call. I have to take the risk,” she thought.

She dialed the number and the ring went.

“Hello,” a young and dynamic voice replied.

“Hey. This is Vejali here. Hhmm… Actually I have your card and I do not remember taking it. Can I know where did we meet?”

“O Vejali. I thought you were never going to call me. You sound very polite unlike yesterday night. Is your hangover over?”

She was surprised that an unknown man knew so much about her. “It is but I do not recall remembering you.”

“Haha. Quite evident. You will meet me soon. See you tomorrow,” saying so he disconnected the call.

She could not understand it. “See me tomorrow, what the heck is going on?”

Next day, she headed over to the office. She had to meet the boss and finalize the deal. She reached there and was guided into his office.

He came in five minutes and said, “Hello Vejali. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

She greeted him and said, “not an issue.”

“Great. See I will come directly to the point. I loved your ideas and proposal. So from me, it is a ‘yes.’ After all, I had never seen such an amazing presentation before. And that too, when you had prepared it in just a day. Even after being so drunk.”

“What? How do you know?”

“You called me yesterday, remember?”

“No. I called a guy whose card I…” she thought and aloud said, “Shit. It was you. You are the same person I met and do not remember.”

“Haha. Yes.”

“How did you know that the girl in the bar and the one coming today are same?”

“Because of you. That night after I left you my card, you called me before passing out. Challenging me to have the “feminist” debate. And I agreed. Before we could finalize the date, you told me how you still have to prepare for the presentation and where you are giving it…” he chuckled”, and I knew.”

She felt uncomfortable but she did not repented. She sat straight and smiled.

“Good. Now, you are in senses, would you still want to go for the debate?” he joked.

“Well. I do not actually remember our conversation.”

He smirked, “Let us catch for dinner. Not office dinner maybe a personal dinner where we can share our views so that you can know that not all men control women.”

“Shit. I did spoke a lot”, she thought. Aloud she said, “If that is causal discussion, I am okay. But if it is a date, I would not prefer.”

“Why so?”

She combed her hair with her hands and said, “You see. I am powerful the way I am. If I ever date or marry, I would look for a companion and not a “husband – husband” kind of guy.”

“Your freedom is safe with me,” he said. “So is the discussion dinner fixed?”

“Yes.” She said.

They shook hands and she left the office, promising to meet him in her full senses.

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