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L: Love, Lost & Lust

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Siara and Sana were twins. They looked same and nearly had similar habits, except one! Siara being elder was compassionate while Sana was edgy.

They spent their childhood alongside the woods. They grew up loving nature and knew everything about its traits. They knew the natural surrounding so well that they could literally disappear amongst the wild trees, shrubs, and all.

As they grew, they turned into beautiful ladies and everyone around them appreciated their beauty. It was then, when they turned sixteen, they experienced their first teenage love. And as it is said, ‘your first love is your first love’ – something similar happened to them.

Siara found her true love with Adam while Sana fell in love with Radal. It was in Summer when their love blossomed. They both used to make an excuse of collecting flowers and end up meeting their lovers for hours. Their mom did not said anything because she thought that girls needed to have fun.

As the days passed, Siara and Sana experienced what every relationship had – love, moments, fight, sadness, and happiness. But, Sana’s relationship was more rough than Siara and she often wondered how it was so.

“How is it that you seldom fight with Adam?” Sana demanded.

Siara smiled knowing that her little sister was little edgy and hyperactive. “Sana dear, it is about understanding. You love Radal deeply and he loves you too but you need to understand him. Do not demand questions, reason, or logic for everything he does or does not.”

“But I am his girlfriend and I have all the right to know,” Sana spoke adamantly.

“Not necessary. Try to trust him. Do not let let him think that you doubt him.”

“Uhh… That is not so.”

“I will leave that on you to figure out,” saying this, Siara dimmed the light and tossed off to sleep.
Days changed into months and rains were here. What should have been a romantic atmosphere turned quite shaky for Sana. The tension between Radal & Sana grew – to such an extent that he wanted to break up with her.

She cried herself that night, bitterly. Siara sat up with her and consoled her. She suggested her that she should make amends and try to clear things between them. Sana was in denial. She acted hysteric. She had a strange anger hint that even made Siara scared. All Siara wanted was, happiness for her sister.

The next day, Sana asked Radal to meet her for last time. It was evening time but the sky was overcast and thick rains were descending. The weather had never been such unpredictable. But Radal had made a promise and he was here – in her barn!

Sana came cladded in a lovely white frock. Radal was amazed to see her; she had never looked so appealing before. All he wanted was to grab her and kiss her.

Sana broke his thoughts by saying, “Radal, is there anything we can do to make this relationship work? I really love you!”

“I love you too. But you act weird at times. Your anger is scary Sana,” Radal said.

Sana bowed down, something boiled in her. She did not how to control it. She just them herself on him and started hugging and kissing him. Radal was stupefied by her behavior. He shook her off and said, “Control Sana. By being lusty, you cannot make me yours.”

First, she cried, her crying made Radal feels guilty. Then she spoke quite fats, “You better not leave me Radal… or I will… I will…”

“I will what, Sana?”

“Kill you!”

Radal didn’t see it coming. “You are mad. I am leaving. I will talk to your later.”

Sana could not tolerate seeing him moving away from her. In fit of anger to stop him, she threw the old mortar lying around her.

It hit Radal hard, he shouted and the blood flew all over in the barn. Hearing his voice, Siara and their parents rushed there.

Sana was scared, shocked, and completely lost as what she had done. In order to save herself, she fled in to the thin and dark woods near her home before anyone reached her.

Next morning came as a shock to everyone. The cops blamed Siara thinking that she was Sana. Her parents tried their hard to save her but nothing could save her. She cried, begged, and asked people to spot the difference. But Radal’s parents who had just seen Sana and had no idea about her twin sister, forced the law to act against her.

Seeing no evidence, everyone believed that Sana (Siara) must have killed her sister too as the other one was untraceable. Adding to it, the found an unrecognized dead body with that white frock on which Sana had worn but actually belonged to Siara.

The decision was made and as per the law, Siara was condemned under murder and sentenced for life’s imprisonment.

20 years later, Siara had an unknown visitor. She who never had any visitor for so many years was surprised. She had shrunken in size and all her positivism had burned down to ashes. After her parents death and her sister disappearance, she had no one.

When she went to see who it was, she was shocked beyond belief to see her sister, Sana standing there. She looked hearty and healthy. Years had different effect on her.

“You? You are alive?” Siara fumbled.

“Siara… I … I am so sorry,” Sana hold her hands said.

“What sorry? How dare you say sorry? Look at you and look at me? Is there anything left? You lived a life that was mine. You killed and I suffered! Where were you all these years?”

“I… I had fled. I was scared that I did not knew what to do. I sailed off with few pennies I had. I left this country. And, I started my life in another country. But I never forgot you. I came back but did not find anyone.”

“You B****! You fled; you started your LIFE, AFRESH?”

“I am sorry…”

“Get lost! I do not want to see your face.”

“Please Siara, I beg your forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness of what? I LOST my life because of you. Nothing you say or do can make my lost years come back. Just go and leave your rest life. What is there for me?”

“I have come to take you back. You will be finally freed and can live…”

“What makes you think, I will, Sana? After what you did. I lost Adam, my life, my parents because of your anger. You think, you can repay me that?”

Sana fell silent.

“And what about that dead body on which my frock was found?”

“Well, I was passing the woods and I saw someone’s death body. I took the opportunity, stole her clothes, made her wear mine, and smashed her face.”

“You cruel being! What you did to make your life a heaven and mine a hell. Go from here. I will not forgive you. Let me live my last days peacefully. I do not even want to remember that I had a sister.”

Sana silently left and Siara cried herself. She was so heartbroken that she could not live another day and breathed her last on that night itself. She lived a life of nothingness and vanished into nothingness.


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