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G: Grey Factor

It was a big day of her life. She was soon going to be remembered and known as an Author. For last many years, she had spent researching a lot for her book. Finally, the moment had arrived. The book was open for public and critics. She was happy and nervous. Were people going to appreciate her ‘Grey Lives?’

She got dressed for her press meet. She waited with bathed breath for the interaction. The clock struck 5 PM and it began. After a brief photography session, the question-answer session began.
“How did you decided the title of your book?” asked one of the reporter.

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“Well, I researched a lot before penning down the story. Finally, I decided on one emotion – Being Grey. It is something that we all are and so are my characters in my book. Hence, the title.”
“Grey characters? Can you explain that?” another reporter questioned her.

“Don’t we all have grey shades? It is different thing that we classify humans as either good or bad. But I believe, we all are grey. Sometimes we are good, sometimes we are bad. Our reaction depends on the situations. In the same as we like to crib about things while also know how to appreciate them.”

“Interesting. Can you explain that in more detail?” another journalist popped the question.
“I would prefer that you all read it so that you can understand it better. However, giving a glimpse of it. My story is about two simple people – Sonali and Monesh. They both are born in middle class family but aspire to do something better in their lives. But as we know, fame, name, and money does not come easy. You either work hard or take short cuts. They both are stuck in same situation and the road they choose, decides their destiny.”

“You said you researched for it before you wrote. Can you tell us something about the research involved and how many years it take?” someone from the press asked.

“Oh well. With an aim, I had been researching on it since last two years. However, noticing human behavior and studying them is a habit that I occurred since college days. For book, you can say last two years.”

“How long did it take to complete your book?”

“On average, it took be 1.5 years minus the research. If we include the research, it would be 3.5 years.”

“Why did you choose only Grey as your subject or theme? Is it something to do with your past or personal experience?” a heavy yet soothing voice boomed from the press meet.

She sensed it. She knew this voice. But what was he doing here? He allegedly was in another town. With her heart beating fast, she looked in the direction of the voice. “That’s him”, she thought. Hiding her smile and anxiety, she took a deep breath and replied, “Nothing in the world is pure fiction. We all derive ideas from our surroundings. Nonetheless, it is how you pen them down. So yes, there are subtle real incidents but weaved around fiction. Yet, whose incidents are it – mine or people around me, I leave that on my audience to judge.”

“Pretty interesting”, the same voice said.

The questions from the press halted. Sensing that they were done, the PR asked journalists for further queries. All of the shook their head and the Press meet was called off. The journalists were taken for refreshment and she was happy with the way it went.  

Everyone left except that familiar voice. She saw him chatting with her PR and knew what was coming. She was happy but did not let anyone feel the obvious. Minutes later, her PR said to her, “Ma’am, that gentleman wants to ask some one on one interview.”

“Sure”, she said. And she settled down on her chair, awaiting him. He came in and sat on opposite chair. He smiled, she blushed. The PR left them alone.

He began, “Nice to see you.”

“Same here, Somil.”

“Ah! You remember me”, he smirked.

“You weren’t one to forget… so what made you come here? I thought even if you receive the invite, you will opt out.”

“Well, missing out launch of a novel that is based on Me…” he paused “did not sound a good deal.”
She smiled and said, “You have not read it. Do not be overconfident.”

“Really? Story of Sonali and Mongesh! S for Somil, S for Sonali. M for Mongesh, M for Mita – You. You thought changing names will hide it, Mita?”

“It is a co-incidence.”

“Ah! I do not think so.”

“Is this what you wanted to ask?”

“No. I did not want to ask anything. Just wanted to meet you”, he saw her in her eyes.

She felt passion filling her again. “I thought you will never remember me.”

“We took a mutual decision, what was there not to remember?”

“Yes… still. How’ve you been?”

“Great. As you can see. And I know, you are great too. After all, you turned into an author!”

“Always wanted to be one!”

“Haha. I know. You did so much to be here. Tell me, how does the story end… considering that it is based on us?”

“You will have to read it”, she smiled.

“Ah. Then I think I am done the one-on-one questions. I will leave now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes madam. I work. I do not have leisure like you”, he winked and left.

“Some stories do not come with end”, she thought and walked off.

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