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T: A Tarot Love Story

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I love doing Tarot. It is recent passion that I completely love to indulge in. I have done so many readings till now, that I feel being a Tarot reader. I feel as it’s my skin, always had been; only I started taking care of it now!

Love, Money, Career, and marriage – most of the questions revolves around this issue. After all these are, the pillars that make world go round. Ain’t it? I was so confident in answering because I had learnt that these questions would be at peak, of course, situations would vary.

One day, I received a call from a guy, Naman. He was confused with the way, his life had flowed. I sensed something very sad by the way, he spoke. I finalized an appointment with him and then, he appeared at my door.

“Can I come in?” he asked.

“O Naman, is that you?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

“Sure. Come in. I was waiting for you.”

“Thanks”, he came in and searched around the house.

I asked, “Is everything okay?”

“O yes!”, he sniffed, “Your house is different from others.”


“I had been to several tarot readers before. But none of them could give me a proper answer. What I need is a proper answer and that search, brought me to you.”

He appeared quite unorganized in his thoughts. He had worn an old shirt and jeans. It seemed as it has been ages since he had proper rest or peace. His eyes were pretty but they were covered by darkness of something bad. Finally breaking my thoughts, I asked him, “Oh! Well, I hope, I try to do justice. But why are you so surprised to see my house?”

“It is casual. I like it. Others were decorates as if I have entered a superficial maze. Honestly, sometimes, they sucked and made me suffocate. Here, it is so sunny and bright. So optimistic!”
“I do not believe in decorations. I am doing Tarot reading and not any magic.”

For the first time, in the encounter, he gave a fade smile. There was something about him, which made my heart swell. I wanted to help him professionally and personally. “Should we begin our session?”

“yes. Of course,” he said.

I explained him my rules, knowing that he knew but he heard them patiently. And there I was, ready to answer his first question.

“I want to know, where is my future heading?”

“Pick up the cards,” I said.

He did that. On the basis of the minor card, which he picked, I told him, “You’re past has been traumatic. Something that you knew, you could prevent but couldn’t. It is still haunting you and stopping you from moving on. But I see a ray of hope, maybe in next two weeks, you will see it.”

“Okay. Next question, would I ever be able to forgive myself?”

“Pick up the cards.”

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The cards he picked were complicated. And I knew who was at fault but I need to tell him the truth by being nice. I cannot be crude.

“Hhmm… Forgiveness in inside you. You are not letting it approach you. Whatever you are trying to forget for yourself, you need to let that episode go first. It is over. Leave the burden. The mess you are in, has been created by none other than you.”

“You are honest. I knew that but no other reader told me.”

“Thank you. Next question.”

“Who killed my mother?”

I was shaken by his question. But as a reader my duty was to just answer what card says. Though it is a complex question, I did not denied it. “For that, you have to more specific.”

“As in?” he inquired.

“Finding who’s at fault is little tricky since you are asking about your mother and not youself. But we will break the questions and find it out.”

“Okay. Do whatever is needed until, you can help me.”

“I want to help you,” I almost said that aloud. “Pick the cards.”

He obeyed. On basis of it, I told him, “Your mother death does have a reason. And you are right to know it, but we need to be more specific.”

“Like how?”

“Break it down,” I said, “Like you have to ask the reasons in form of questions.”

“Okay. So did she really died on medical reason or someone was behind her.”

“Pick up the cards.”

The next reading was clear. I knew what was it but I also knew it that he would not agree to it. Out loud, I said, “Your mom died of medical reason, Naman. You think that something was wrong but that is not the truth. People around you did whatever was in their might to help her. But later, she asked for it. She wanted to be free of pain. Her death was purely natural and  no one had tampered it.”

“Is she at peace then?” he asked and chose cards.

“Yes. She is. And she is watching over you. Let that love flow in and do not be overshadowed by other talks.”

“I have some strange dreams where I see my father killing my mother. Are those dreams true?”
He picked up the cards. It was getting serious. I read his cards and said, “No. he is not at fault. In fact, he has been wronged. The dreams are result of constant talks, which others created to destroy your family.”

“Okay. That’s it!”

“Oh. I hope you found the answers.”

“I do not know. Yes, your answers are different and reading too. But I need to check on something.”
“No issues. Take your time.”

He opened his purse to pay me, I denied and said, “Please not now. If you find your answers then pay me.”

He was surprised, “What about your fees, I mean? I hope you are not so grateful to everyone than why me?”

I honestly had no answer but I said, “I didn’t say no. once you check on the stuff and are satisfied, you can pay me.”

“Okay. Then I will see you soon.”

Later in the night, I was deeply lost in his thoughts. I want to erase his pain. What effect he had on me, I do not knew but I was attached to him, in some way. My phone rang, it was him. I picked up and said, “Hey. How are you?”

“Good. It was a strange coincidence. I was going through my childhood stuff. And I found a book, which had notes from my mother. I read them and whatever came in reading were mentioned there. I do not know how I overlooked them for so many years.  Thank you!”

I literally danced, “I am glad I could help.”

“Can I see you tomorrow to pay you?” he sounded different, like other casual guys.


Till then to till now, we have been great friends. And I have seen drastic change in him. We both enjoy each other company and I am glad, I could help him.

“Hey, what are you thinking?” he asked.

I came out from the visions and said, “Nothing”.

He took my hand, went down on knees, and said, “Then, will you marry me? I would love to have an in-house tarot reader.”

I laughed and said, “Yes, I will.”


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This is so beautifully written. Magic do happen:)

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@Ranveer - Thank you :D

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