Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review – The Beckoning of Gyanganj

Book Name – The Beckoning of Gyanganj

Author Name – Chandan K. Pathak

Publishing House – Frog Books

When I first read the synopsis of the book, I was curious to know more about Gyanganj. It led me to research on internet about the place until my book arrives. The book arrived and I liked the cover: it was mystic – a couple, a war sign, and some mountains. The story was quite clearly brought on the cover. It was very well designed one.

The story started with the protagonist narrating his love for travelling and the parts of the world, he has been to. What I thought to be his exploration was Gyanganj – turned out to be same but with a twist.

I would not like to reveal the twist but all I can say is that, the book will surely leave you mesmerized with thoughts of great places to travel in India. If you love travelling, like me, you will definitely want to pack your bags and move to Gyanganj to witness it on mystic, spiritual, and intriguing level.

The author, Chandan K. Pathak has definitely invested a lot of his time in careful planning. His simple yet powerful words weave a story that will intrigue you, make you re-think and make you believe that ‘everything happens for s reason.’ The few of the emotions that I felt deeply after reading this book were – positivity, optimism, spirituality, and hope.

I really liked author’s idea of using the rumors and the stories attached to it and giving it a proper and authentic base. The entire flow in the novel kept me interested and grasped. The several parts of the novel were beautifully interlinked and you could literally visualize it. Kudos to author for being able to do that!

The book ends with the protagonist realizing that he has an aim, which was left unfulfilled in past life. And maybe that is why in this life, he has to do severe penance to attain it. Well, the book definitely ends with a message that there is going to be a part two to it. And, I am waiting eagerly to read it, to be completely lost into it.

Overall, I would give it 4/5. 


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