Thursday, April 16, 2015

App Review - Bukkads

They say be true to what you are doing and you will surely gain recognition. Well, I believe it is true! Today, I just received a message to review a food-based app by student of DA-IICT.

The app name is ‘Bukkads.’ Since, I am not a tech person. I will just about it is aesthetic feel. I love the color of the app – Red! Being in a branding company, I know that red is a safe option to describe or denote something related to food. Red also stands for aggressiveness. And when you are super hungry, well, you know how you feel!

I logged in, and the inner designs of the app were simple and eye-catchy. Now, haven’t we all learnt that Simplicity is the greatest virtue! Well, so it is. The red-white combo did brilliant. You can add food pics, tag them, share them, and rate them.

Simple, easy, and convenient. Oh yes, you can search food too. Everything that one needs regarding food is present there. It has a great UX and UI. Of course, I am hoping with next versions or up gradation, I would love to see some more options such as connecting with friends. 


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