Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M: Mom & Me

“You are doing right. I am with you”, my mom said.

“Okay Mom, do not freak me out. I was so scared”, I said from the back of my cupboard.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“I know. Anyways, what were you saying?”

“You are doing right. I have left on you to choose your path…” I jumped on my bed and could feel her hands waving through my hair. “… I know you will do right. But at times you are wrong too. Listen to your brother; he has some serious advice on health.”

“Yeah, yeah! I am planning to do follow it.”

She laughed, “I know you won’t, after all you are lazy girl.”

“I am not lazy”, I argued, “See how much I do, work… work… and work.”

“Work is not everything. You need to look at yourself too.”

“You are there for it.”

She became serious, “I wish. But I am not.”

“Yes, but you can always guide me and meet me like you are doing now. It is our little secret”, I chuckled.

“Why a secret?”

“Because if I tell everyone, I can talk and see my Dead mom, who will believe?”

She became silent then said, “I love you Chikki. Miss you. But I like to see you happy. I would had done everything possible to be with you. But now, I shine like a guardian angel above you always.”

“I know,” I said by winking at her.

Someone knocked at the door. And we both looked at each other. “Time for you to go Mum,” I said.

“Yes. I am leaving. See you soon Beta! Take care. And do not hold onto things that are beyond your control. Let them be. Everything will fall in place.”

I smiled and went to open the door. My family had come and when I returned, she had gone. I knew where but I wish, I could tell everyone that a star resides in heaven and part of her in me.

This post is dedicated to my mom! Love you Mom. Miss you, wish you were here!

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Sonia Lal said...

This is a sweet story. Could be creepy, but isn't.

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