Thursday, April 2, 2015

Share the Load #WashBucketChallenge

Washing clothes is a chore; normally attached with females. But I am blessed that I never have to do this at my home. My office hours keep me busy throughout the day and it is quite late when I reach back at home. So it is not always possible me to complete every chore of my home.

So when I read this activity on Blogadda, I enrolled myself in it for my dad. As he is the person who has been doing it for so many years and continues to do now. I wanted to share a message with my readers that, housework is not just a ‘woman’s job.’ If the male members of the family help women, it is only going to strengthen the bond and ease the burden from their shoulders.

When I received the pack, I gladly handed it to my dad saying that, ‘this is for you.’ When I explained him the activity, he was happy to do it for me. Then, I thought why not turn tables this time? No, I did not washed the clothes. I just stood beside him and took some tips; so I can know my basic stuff.

We have two washing machines at my place, one is the top load, and the other is very old one, which we have for last 20 years. As my dad explained, “I use the new one (top load) to wash our regular and party clothes while I use the old one to wash blanket covers, bedsheets, pillow sheets, and other kitchen clothes. Since, these require more rising and washing, I prefer to do them in old one.”

I would really say that this activity really gave me a chance to share my and my dad’s story with everyone. I am extremely happy to have such caring and loving father, who understands and helps me in every way possible. After all, sharing is caring!

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