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F: Friends… Forever?

“‘Can two women be friends? More importantly, can they be friends forever?’ people have asked us this question several times. We only smile and reply, ‘Yes. They can. If they are willing to unlearn the learnt and re-learn the new things’”, said Garima.

“Exactly. The key to successful friendship or I would say any relationship is accepting the person as he/she is and to be totally crazy with it,” added Rosie.

“But wasn’t it difficult?” asked Naina.

“Difficult, what?” questioned the three of them simultaneously.

“Well, being friends! It is not like that friendship is only about smiles”, Naina inquired.

“You are quite true. But without arguments, can any relationship be called a relation?” Moksha counter asked Naina. “The point, we three are presenting here is women can be friends. And that too for lifelong. Just have a look at ‘Sex and The City’ series. It is exactly what we are trying to put forth.”

The cameras shifted to Naina and she spoke, “That is interesting. We actually have three friends who vouch by ‘Sex and The City’ series. Coming up more in this chat hour, ‘Friends… Forever?’ You stay tuned with us on NBS TV. We will be right back after a short break.”

The camera was cut off. Now, the four of them were free to do whatever they want. Naina was hard-core media professional, who had nothing on her mind except her stories. For them, these three – Moksha, Garima, and Rosie were just a story. But for them, this was a platform to tell people about their friendship.

Naina from the corner of her eye was watching these three women. They were at an age where there aging was visible. Their youth was now, covered with some white hair but they did not seem to care about it. “They must be in their late thirties or early forties. Either way, what do I have to do?”

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The camera zoomed back and Naina welcomed her audience. “Welcome back to ‘Friends… Forever?’ chat session. Here we are in conversation with Garima, Rosie, and Moksha. They were describing their friendship to the famous TV series, ‘Sex and the City.’ Now let us dig in some more.

“Tell us more. How did you three became the BFF?”

“O! That was sometime later in life, right?” Garima answered by looking at Moksha and Rosie.
“Yes. In fact, we were just good friends in school. Friendship strengthened in college where we lost, won, cried, and laughed” Rosie finished, reminiscing the days with a smile.

“Moreover, do you remember guys…” Moksha looked up to her pals, “we were together in college because we did not knew anyone. And for each of us, the other was like an oasis.”

“Ah!”, replied Garima, “How can I forget that? Actually Naina, you know, these two used to be BFF in school while I was BFF with someone else.”

“Then where is that someone else, right now?” Naina asked quite curiously.

“She is not in our lives anymore. Not at least as BFF. We have surpassed the level too. We three are soul sisters. The girl whom I had befriended in school used to live in her own world. Not only that, she even was a complex character whom we literally had to fight,” Garima hinted towards Rosie.

Taking hint, Rosie continued, “Absolutely. The first year, we took time to know ourselves. We solved our doubts, I am glad we did that. It created a strong base to our friendship that no one can shake. I would not have been what I am today if these two had not backed me up. Especially Garima, she was there always. On each step, she counselled me and stood by me.”

“Now you are being too kind…” Garima stopped Rosie and said, “I should be thanking them for being there. In my deep, darkest time, on each depression hole, they stopped me from falling into it.”

“Okay Girls. Do not get into argument. We all were there for each other”, wrapped up Moksha.

“I am intrigued beyond words. So how did you carried your friendship? Coming to basic point, people think women cannot be friends. How did you overcame that label?” questioned Naina.

Moksha began, “I do not think such label exists. For us, we never fell into that competition. All we knew was we three are different. We respected that, we saluted that, and we accepted that. No questions asked; no need to change. In our entire lives, we never told anyone that ‘you should change’, we only conveyed, ‘hey I love you with all my heart.’ I think simple messages like this can actually erase the old age norms.”

“I think that women can be friends. They have always been. It is just that they have never known. Whether they are friends, or in-laws or anyone. Actually they have stood by each other always, it is that they never let this come to surface”, Garima explained.

Rosie added, “It is all about loving each other. I guess we loved each other dearly to let anyone come between us. We are sisters from another mother’s,” she laughs, joined by the other two. “I mean, can you imagine, my mom used to trust Garima more than she ever did me! Now isn’t that hilarious?”

“And you know everyone in our batch used to wonder how we still are friends? They were surprised or rather should I say shocked that we three – being highly varied personalities can gel together! But the key to that was accepting each other. They filled the qualities, I lacked, and I did it for them. Hence, we are inseparable!” continued Garima.

“That’s really a sweet story. You have been friend since school and now, when you are aging…”

“What?” Rosie shouted, “Are we aging? Really?”

Moksha and Garima laughed and former said, “Yes Rosie. We are and so is our friendship.”

“Haha. That is not possible. We may age, we may even die, but our friendship… it will never. It was, is, and will continue to remain in this world forever.”

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“I love you two,” Garima said slowly.

“We love you too,” Moksha and Rosie chanted.

Naina smiled slyly and continued, “So I was saying since you are aging and not your friendship, what makes it more awesome?”

“I think that our hair are growing grey,” Moksha joked.

“Of Course, the fact that we have grown together and been for each other, boys, and babies down, our love remains unchanged. That’s the beauty of it”, Rosie spoke.

“And now grandchildren down, we will always be same. Maybe we three can suffer from Alzheimer’s and forget and rediscover our friendship?” Garima concluded while the others laughed.

“O Ya! Anyone who wants to understand our friendship, should go and watch ‘The Vampire Diaries and Sex and The City.” Added Garima.

“With that, we sign off from this beautiful relationship of three school friends. Friends then, friends now, and forever. See you soon in another episode of ‘Friends… Forever?’ This is Naina saying Goodbye.”

Behind the scene, Naina spoke, “You three are really great”.

“Thanks. Can you click a picture of us?” Rosie asked.


And the journey of three friends Moksha, Roise, and Garima came to an end… on television but not in real life. They are still going strong.

Based on my true life and my friends – Rupita and Anukriti. Thank you girls, I love you!

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