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S: Salt and Sugar

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Salt and Sugar are essential in life. No one can live without them yet they never meet. Something similar is the story of Sakshi and Sujal. She was a breeze of elegance, class, beauty, and elite(ness). She was on verge of building her own boutique – exotic and classy, just like her.

Sujal was street smart. He wore colors and not fashion. He ran a medium sized cloth business where employees and their emotions were more valued than the notes, they earned. Something that everyone should learn from him.

On a bright and sunny day, Sakshi was busy discussing her plans for her boutique. She searched a lot for a good cloth supplier and found Sujal’s company topping the charts. She immediately contacted him and fixed a meeting.

They were supposed to meet at a café for discussing it. Sakshi reached there at the decided time and waited for him. He was nearly 15 minutes late, which irritated her. She was not the one who postpones the things so causally.

Sujal arrived in a rainbow shirt and white pants. He approached her and asked, “Are you Sakshi?”
She looked at him, almost exasperated at his style and behavior. “No excuse me, nothing. How rude!” she thought. Aloud she said, “Yes. Are you Mr. Sujal?”

He laughed and sat down, “Do not call me Mr, madamji. I am a roadside Romeo types. I do not believe in all this formalities and titles.”

“Weird” she thought. Aloud she said, “Well, okay. So as we spoke over the phone, I would want you to be my clothe supplier.”

He sat comfortably, aligned on the chair and spoke, “Hhmm… yeah. I am ready to sell you clothes on wholesale rate. I have already e-mailed you the details. If the rates are okay, we can make a contract soon and start working as partners.”

“Are you open to negotiate?”

He smiled, “Ab hum aapko isse sasta mein denge toh khayenga kya?” (If I sell you in lesser amount, what will we eat?)

“Still… since we are going to be partners for long.”

“Do you want to marry me, kya?”

Sakshi was exasperated. “What…? What are you talking about?”

“Arre chill madam. I was just joking. The way, you spoke about partnership.”

“Yeah. But that does not mean that you crack such jokes.”

“Have you not learnt to relax?”

“That’s a personal question,” she said.

“Ahem. I see.  You have the final quote. We can send in batches so it makes life easier for both of us.”

She moved her glasses from her head to her eyes and said, “Done. Then, we will sign the papers soon.”

He raised from his seat, shook his hands and left.

Two year later, they met at the same café, same time but for different agenda. She was waiting for him. He was late as usual, something she hated but something, and he enjoyed doing.

15 minutes he arrived, “Hi love”, he said.

She gave him an angry look and said nothing. He settled down and said, “I know I am late and I am sorry for it.”

She stared and spoke angrily , “That is what you always say. Why can’t you be little responsible? You are not unemployed. You have business. Why don’t you value time?”

He became serious and replied to her sternly, “look, this is me. I am like this. You know it. I run a business and it is working fine. I do not run as per the clock. I am my own boss.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“For you, not for me.”

“Can’t you change a bit for god’s sake?”

“Can you?” he questioned her.

“Me? What’s wrong with me?”

“Aha! So every freaking thing is wrong with me? Why do you take life so seriously? Why do you compare with me your friend’s “elite” boyfriends. Your life is superficial. Fake friends, all glamour and no emotions.”

“Oh please. That is not so. this is called a class, a standard and I compare you because I want you to be same.”

“Who are you to decide that?” he asked her.

“Your girlfriend, your lover,” she said boldly.

“If you love me, love me the way I am. Why are you changing me? Have I ever asked you to change for me?”

She was silent, as she knew that was right. They both knew that they are poles apart and can never become what other wants. Damn, but they loved each other truly.

“Then, what should we do?”

“You tell me,” he said.

“We can love each other but I do not think, we can tolerate each other as couple.”

“True. It is best we keep our love and friendship alive then complicating it with a tag.”

“Yeah. Because we are like Sugar and Salt; we both are awesome at our own places but we cannot gel together, ever!”

“Agreed. So cheers to that,” he said by raising his coffee cup.

Henceforth, they decide to follow their dreams and settle with someone who shares common thought than running their love, forever.

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