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C: Closet, Camera and More

The first year was around the corner. Misha was excited, happy, nervous, and sad to shift to an alien world. She was tired of all the travelling and just prayed that she reached Udaipur soon. She sat on her berth and gazed at watch, “it is just 2 a.m., there are still some hours left”, she thought and went back to sleep as the train whistled through darkness towards the station.

In her adjoining compartment, sharing some similar thoughts was Rahul. He was soon going to be in his dream university, achieving his aim to be a photographer. The big name and fame of the campus had driven him crazy. He was anxious to make new friends, meet new people, especially since his university did just not limit itself to photography courses. “So many options, so many people, so many new friends and… girlfriends”, he smirked as he changed the music in his phone.

It was 10 A.M when the train halted at Udaipur Junction. Misha and Rahul both climbed down with new hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Their respective cab drivers greeted them and off they went for their universities – little knowing what destiny had in store for them.

Misha’s cab reached her university first and there she stood before, “Creative Brigade’s Academy for Fine Arts”. She has always dreamt to be a Fashion Designer and now, she was finally few steps away from choosing her area of specialization. For next five years, she was going to study to fulfill her dream. She paid the driver, took her baggage, and went off to office to finish the rest of the formalities.

As soon as she entered the university, Rahul’s cab stopped in front of the gate. “Hell Ya! I made it”, unknowingly, he exclaimed his happiness so loudly that even chauffeur stared at him blankly. The first thing he did was to click immense pictures of the designing and the architecture of the University. He then rushed towards office as lunch break was nearing.

He dashed but was dejected to see the office closed for lunch. Now what was he supposed to do? It was the first day of registration and he could barely see people around. He threw his bags and crashed on the bench nearby office. He was so irritated that he did not noticed his company. It was only when he calmed himself down, he saw a girl sitting next to him.

A first look towards Misha made him melt. She wore a casual t-shit with palazzo pants and left her wavy hair open. The wind was blowing her hair all over her place and she was trying to manage them. She was sitting on her one the bag, hoping that soon, the office will open. He realized that she had not notice him yet. He tried to strike a conversation, “Hi. Are you a fresher too?”

Misha looked up. She was surprised and happy to see a company. “Yes, I am.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Rahul”, he extended his hand for handshake.

“Misha”, she politely returned the gesture.

“What are you studying here?”

“Fashion Designing. And you?”


“Nice…” she exclaimed. “I tried my hands at it but failed every time. I am not good at photography.”

“No problem. I will teach you,” he smirked.

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Misha smiled and he kept gazing at her. For next sometime no one spoke. And luckily for them, a peon just walked in. He stopped before them and asked, “Students ho kya? Room ki chaabi lene aaye ho?” (Are you students and have come to pick up your keys?)

They both simultaneously agreed.

“Theekh hai. Naam batao apne aur course ka bhi.” (Okay. Tell me your name and course for which you applied.)

After Misha and Rahul gave them their respective names, he said, “Yeh lo apne room ki chabi. Tumaher roommate’s abhi aaye nahin hai. Abhi tum jake aram karlo. Office mein shaym ko bhi aa sakte ho.” (Take your room keys and head over there to rest. You can fulfill formalities later and your roommates are yet to arrive.)

They bade each other goodbye and retired to their rooms. They had 24 hours to go before any of their roommate arrives. Both of them were the only company they had and they started spending time together.

Before the college began, Misha and Rahul had become great friends and were always there for each other. Interestingly, their university supported amalgamation of different departments. Therefore, when Misha needed good photographer, she used to ask Rahul to photoshoot her designs and Rahul used to ask her to design clothes for his models.

The five years passed quickly and it was time for the final project. Just before their final semester day Rahul proposed Misha.

“Misha, will you do me the extraordinary honor of being my wife?”

The question, which would have otherwise been a happy moment of Misha’s life turned to be awkward one. Her cheeks turned red and her eyes were watery. Her mind raced in her past that she had left behind with great difficulty. She knew that she would have to tell Rahul about it but she never thought it would be in this way.

“I… I can’t Rahul.”

A stupefied and shocked Rahul aked her, “Why Misha? We love each other then why not?”

“There is something you need to know before.”

“Tell me”, he sensed something serious.

“I will but assure me that you will listen to it coolly.”

“Hmmm… Go on.”

“I wanted to tell you this for long but…” Rahul snapped at her, “Do not beat around the bush, tell me what is it?” his heart raced faster than her.

“I had given birth to a child Rahul.”

“WHAT?” a baffled, horrified, and confused Rahul shouted.

“Yes. I was 15 years old when this happened. I was returning from school as usual. I was waiting for my bus when two men riding a bike came towards me. I sensed something wrong the way they behaved. I started walking past them but they caught hold of me and…” tears started flowing from her eyes “and raped me. Because of that, I conceived and since, I was very weak and the pregnancy was a threat to my life, we could not get it aborted. So I had to give that birth”, saying this, she sobbed loudly.

Rahul sat frozen as a cold wave just hit him. For a long time he was unable to speak. His eyes were moist and he could not imagine Misha to have a scary past like this. Like a robot, he moved forward and hugged her. She looked for a comfort that was missing from Rahul’s eyes and it scared her.
Without any answer, he returned to his room. Shaken up completely, he refused to meet anyone for next few days. Until it was, finally time to meet Misha for her their final project. By that time, he had made up his mind.

While working, Misha asked him, “Have you…”

“Taken a decision”, Rahul cut her. “Yes. I have. Before that I want to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“Where is that child now? How you overcame that incident. I want to know it all.”

“My parents gave that child for adoption. I skipped my year at school and was taken to a small village until it was sorted out. In that way, my parents preserved our name and stake. Overcoming it was not easy especially when I was pregnant. But I was determined to makes something of my life and not let this incident hold me back. I resumed my school after a year and completed my studies, applied for this course and rest you know.”

“Yes I know.”

“I am waiting for your answer. I do not want any sympathies, if you want to move ahead, I understand”, Misha spoke bravely.

“I know I behaved in absurd manner. What shook me more was that how you over came so much at such young age and that too alone. I am sorry if my behavior has hurt you. But my mind needed to logically analyze the situation. For me, you are the best thing ever happened to me. Whatever happened was past and is not our present. My love for you will never change. I was sad to think about the situation you had been through. But I am not changing my decision. I want to spend my entire life with you.”

Misha could not believe her ears and smiled & cried at same time. Rahul hugged her tightly and said, “My question remains the same. Will you marry me?”

“Yes”, said Misha. 

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