Friday, April 10, 2015

I: I

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Rita was super excited. She just got a superb topic for her research paper, which would never back fire. She had lot of ideas buzzing in her mind and she was impatient to discuss it with her mother.

She reached home as her mom baked fresh cookies and fried some Samosas for tea. Rita flunked her bag in her room and shouted, “Mom…”

“Yes Beta. I am in kitchen. Tea is ready. Get fresh and come”, her mom shouted.

She changed and excitedly ran to kitchen. She hugged her mom and said, “Guess what? I am found a topic for my research paper.”

“Great. I am happy for it. Tell me more,” her mother said while setting the table.

“It is on relationships. To narrow it down, I am focusing on why relationship fails and what to except from your partner?”

Her mom gave her a surprised look and said, “Wow. I didn’t knew, my daughter is so interested in relationships.”

“Haha Mom. Worry not, I am not in one. Even if I go, you will be the first one to know.”

“I am Glad,” said her mom while pouring the tea.

“Acha listen na Ma. I need your help. I want to know about relationships from you. What to except and not. Can you tell me about yourself and Dad?”

“Certainly. What would you like to know?”

“Expectation. You see nowadays, girls are so dedicated to their career and all. And in such a scenario, if they do not do household work or as their in-laws say, she has to suffer. I mean why? Doesn’t a girl has a choice to do what she wants?”

“She does. But one should not neglect her duty too.”

“Yeah. But why is household duty only for women? Why not for men? Why do not they do it?”

“Because they are not supposed to,” her mom calmly said.

“Huh. That is double standard.”

“I am not against girls making career. We need to understand. For long years, men have been given the job of earning while women look after house. It has been followed since ages. I do that, my mom used to that. Yet at the same time, what men can do is be considerate and compassionate. If not doing household work, they can at least help in cleaning or purchasing groceries and other such stuff.”

“No way. Whenever I get married, I won’t do that. If my husband comes from office, so do I. Even I am tired. Do not I deserve some rest? He can do so. I mean, before marriage, someone would doing household chores, so why change now?”

“It is not about changing; it is about sharing, caring, and loving.”

“So he can do na. Why should I?”

“Because there is no ‘I’ in any relationship Beta. It is ‘We.’ Today’s youngsters want their career. It is good for them. It is good for you but do not forget that ‘I’ can never suffice alone. It has to change in ‘We.’ And when did I said that, you need to do all stuff? Divide, share, and care. Like ‘We’ – your parents do. Otherwise, if you cannot adjust then do not except the other person to do so. Better stay single!”

Rita was silent for a long time. She just got a new perceptive. She had never seen any relationship like this. She gulped her tea and snacks as her mother slowly smiled. “At least, I have shown her some way,” she thought to herself.

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