Saturday, April 11, 2015

J: Joie de vivre

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Risha and Tanya were finally meeting after 10 long years. They were excited, nervous, and happy. They had so much to tell each other. Especially to decide who had fared better.

They hugged each other tightly. They could not believe that they would be able to live separate for so many years.

“I am so happy to see you,” Risha said.

“Me too,” Tanya kept hugging her.

They finally sat down at their favorite spot and ordered their favorite meal.

“So what’s up with you?” Risha asked.

“I have submissions. Have to complete my novel. What about you?”

“I am still a struggling actor.”

“You will be a superstar soon.”

“I hope so,” Risha sounded quite disheartened.

“Are you okay?”

“No yaar. I am drained of trying and failing each time.”

“Chill. It is quite normal. Every profession has this.”

“Nahin re. Look at you, you are almost at the verge of publishing a novel.”

“That does not mean, I have not struggled,” Tanya affirmed.

“I know but you have some hope. I do not have it.”

“You do have back up options, right?”

“Not actually,” Risha spoke very slowly.

“You better have one.”

“Do you have?”

“Yes. Of being a librarian.”

“Oh vow!” Risha exclaimed. “You have your plans set. I think I am going to end nowhere.”

“It is all about talent mixed with luck. Keep working, you will find your way.”

“That is easy to say,” Risha said.

Tanya politely explained her, “Look, it does not matter how many zeros are there in our salary package or how lavish we live. I am happy in doing what I am doing. You on the other keep competing. Make peace with yourself. Enjoy life. Do not take it so seriously.”

Risha was quite for a long while and spoke, “Maybe you are right. I am so busy in competing that I actually do not remember how to enjoy.”

“True. And you have hardly entered the field. Be patient. You will surely achieve success.”
“Done. So should we keep a gap of ten more years?” Risha asked jokingly.

“No. Just remember, Joie de vivre is more essential than simple breathing.”

They both smiled and gossiped a lot about their adventures. Truly, enjoy instead of just breathing.

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