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Q: Quiet Love

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Rishi loved Mitali from the core of his heart. But he could not express it. They had mutual friends but even the group get-together, he use to shy away from her. Rishi was like that only, an introvert. He loved her quietly, without any questions asked or formed.

He used to notice all her little things. Her hairstyles, her clothes, her love for Pani – Puri and her sunshine smile. And he was happy from loving her that way.

Mitali on the other hand was an extrovert. She had many friends and loved hanging out with friends. A single sight of her and the group was brighten up. She knew that Rishi liked her. And she too loved him. Yet awaited him to confess his feelings.

Days went by and it was their farewell. Everyone was busy partying and enjoying with his or her friends. Mitali hoped that, at least today, he would confess his love for her. She tried to approach him but every time, he was either buys or surrounded by his friends.

“In this way, I would not be able to either make him confess or share my feelings,” she thought.

He did notice her unusual behavior and sensed that she needed to talk to him. He was quite observant in that manner. He took some time off and went to meet her. She was standing alone, watching crowd pass by. “She is sitting alone! That’s unusual,” he thought.

“Hmm… Can I sit Mitali?” he asked.

Seeing him, her face brightened up and she said, “Of course.”

He adjusted himself and asked, “Why are you sitting alone?”

“Waiting for you,” she smiled.

He did not speak. After a brief of few minutes, she asked, “Are you in love with anyone Rishi?”

He was taken aback by the question. He fumbled, “I… Me… I mean… yes… No… that’s not what I meant.”

“Are you in love with someone or not?” she sternly asked once more.

“Yes.” He said and looked away.

“Planning to purpose her?”

“No”, even he was shocked at the way the answer came.


“Because I abide by my parents. I know it sounds boring and old school but I will not marry without my parents wish. So I have left it to them to decide.”

“By killing your own love?” she was baffled.

“Yes.” He said.

Anger grew within her. No explanations, nothing just plain blunt truth.  Tears welled in her eyes and she spoke nothing.

“Do you love anyone?” he asked.

“Yes and No. I do but I am thinking on re-considering.”

Something inside him broke. Before he could say anything, she said, “Chal, I will leave. It is quite late. See you around. Have a nice life Rishi.”

The both stood up and hugged each other, knowing how much they loved each other but cannot be together. “Bye. Have a nice life Mitali,” he said.

He saw her going with silent tears flowing down his eyes. She too walked away with heavy heart, without looking back, tears rolling down on her cheeks. The dream, the hope, they secretly cherished broke, forever!


Five years passed since they graduated. All of them joined some companies or went for higher studies. But all their friends used to hold get-together, where Mitali and Rishi would face each other. They were friends and remained that way, but none of them could forget their secret conversation.

In such a meeting, Mitali said to her friends that her parents have found a match for her and he would be coming to visit her. Everyone was happy except Rishi.

The next day, Mitali waited for her prospectus groom in a cafĂ© with her parents. Sometime later, the groom’s parents walked in. They told them that the groom would be here soon. After some chitchat, they asked Mitali to sit on another table. She obeyed and sat with her back facing the entrance.

The groom walked in, to be greeted by Mitali’s parents. They spoke to him and told her to meet Mitali. He walked quietly and said, “Excuse Me.”

She turned and both of them got shock of their loves. She yelled, “Rishi, you here?”

“Mitali, what are you doing here?”

“I am her for the match, my parents found. I shared yesterday. You did not tell me, you are seeing girls too for marriage.”

“Is this the right to discuss that? I came to know this morning that this is scheduled.”

“But what are you doing here?”

“That is what I want to know,” Rishi told.

Their parents started giggling and laughing. And they turned to them, totally dazed. Their parents asked them to chill and explained, “Beta, we want your happiness. Do you think by sacrificing your love, we can be happy?” Rishi’s mom questioned him.

“We knew what happened. It was quite evident from your faces too. And the rest, we found out from your friends,” said Mitali’s mom.

“Fir kya tha? We spoke to each other and agreed,” said Mitali’s dad.

“It was difficult to get it confessed form you two. Nevertheless, we did it,” concluded Rishi’s father.

“OMG! You guys are fabulous,” Mitali & Rishi said simultaneously and hugged each other and their parents.

A love story that started with quietly and shyness, ended into a big fat Indian wedding.

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