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R: Revenge… Because it is a Sweet Feeling

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Love is easy. So are romantic date’s and drive’s. But are all love stories meant to have happy ending? At least not for Mita and Sohil.

“It is decided. I need to move to Delhi,” Mita asserted.

“What about me? What about us?” Sohil exasperated.

“We have to work it out. I cannot refuse this offer as it is a good package.”

“But I love you.”

“Baby, I love you too. But I cannot sacrifice my career, my life”, Mita said in kind yet stern voice.

“Is your career important than me, our love?”

“Sohil, do not sound like male chauvinistic man. It is not about just career or job; it is about my identity and individuality.”

“Now, you are sounding too feministic.”

“Oh! God Sohil. Why are we doing this? What happened to the person whom I loved?”

Sohil being silent for a while and softly spoke, “I am still there. I care for you and understand you. But I cannot live without you. I said all that… do not know thinking about what but did not mean it.”
Mita held his hands into her and calmly said, “Dear, we will work it out. I love you more than you think. Trust me!”

It was still some time for the train to leave. Mita stood in front of her, full of colors. Her yellow long skirt complimented her orange shirt and the green stole just added the right bling. Her wavy black her were tied loosely and her oxidize nose ring shined brightly.

“God, I am going to miss her” he thought.

She was smiling, laughing, and hugging her friends and family who had come to see her off. She noticed him, standing away from the crowd, silently crying but smiling now and then. When everyone left, they both settled down on her berth.

“Do not love me so much. It is scary sometimes”, she laughed.

Sohil became serious and said, “I am scared of myself. I love you so deep that I think this love can damage us.”

Mita froze. That was something unexceptional and uncalled for. She pressed his left arm tightly and rested her head on his shoulders.

The train hooted. It was time to leave. Sohil bade her final goodbye and she smiled as the train took her to a new journey. When her compartment was out from sight, Sohil cried. His hidden tears welled up and he used tissues to keep them away.


“You’re next” a voice shouted.

Mita turned around, seeing his colleague Aarif, she blurted out, “You crazy? I nearly died of heart attack?”

“Well, my dear, I would not have let it happen. You know that”, he winked at her.

“What is it?”

“Half early appraisal. You are next in line!”

Mita grasped, “Thank god! I nearly had forgotten it. Thank you.”

“Anytime babe. By the way, you look very sunning today!”

“You say that every time. It is time you stop loving me so much,” saying so she left for her appraisal meeting.

She loved the new life she had in the office. She was living her dream. But was unaware that the dream was stared by someone, dreadfully.


It was done. The damaged had happened. A single picture and it destroyed her. Not that she would sit down and take it.

She had plans for him too. “How could he do this? Hadn’t I told him, we could have worked on it. O, Sohil, why did you this?”

Her silent tears fell on her laptop. She left, leaving the pictures on. Those were random pictures of her and Aarif. They were good colleagues and spent a lot of time together. But she didn’t knew, her causal pictures could be twisted and molded in this form. Sohil had edited, and circulated those pictures among their group and on different social media sites. Something that she never expected him to do. But she was not going to be a ‘victim’ but a ‘fighter.’

She knew what she had too. She searched her laptop, old folders, and her hard drive. There she saw the pictures, she needed. “You damaged my reputation, I will damage your life,” she thought.

She buzzed Aarif to come over her place. And anyways, the pictures had done damage to both of them. Aarif however, choose to stay silent and supported Mita because he knew they were not wrong. Their office was gossiping, their friends giggled, and their families knew about the “leaked” pictures. But they knew only half the truth.


“What are you saying Mita? Are you out of your mind?” Aarif stared blankly.

“It is the justice. He deserves the fruit of the seed he has sown”, she was firm yet gentle in her voice.

“No. that is childish.”

“It is not. A dose of his own medicine will teach him what it feels to be like in this situation.”

He calmed and counselled her, “Look. I know you are hurt. But think practically. This will not do well. I know we are not at fault then why clarify?”

“Aarif, it is not about clarification. It is teaching him a lesson. If you trust me, let me do it please. Otherwise, I would not be at peace.”

He sighed and agreed to her plan.

The morning cracked and it was a beautiful and sunny day. The casuals of the morning chore were carried out. The newspaper was thrown, milk was being supplied, and the beeping of the phone tore the silence.  

Everyone in his or her circle received a video. It was a video of Sohil and his ex. Mita was just his friend back then. They went into relationship, some good six months after his break-up. But Mita had some of their old pictures and she twisted and turned them exactly, the way he had done. And, it made perfect sense since, she had heard rumors of them being back together.

That video shook everyone. Because most of the people knew, and they too had heard rumors. And the video just sufficed that whatever Sohil did was because he was at fault.

He destroyed her image; she destroyed his character and life. Sohil cried tears of vengeance, hatred, and anger. When his mind was overworked, Mita texted her, “Hope you had a lovely morning seeing your past and present. Tit for Tat. Have a happy life – Your Ex, Mita.”

She smiled and cried tears of happiness as everyone favored her. She gained it all back. She secretly, hated herself for going down to his level but he had not left her any option. “Revenge… Because it is a sweet feeling”, she smiled and counselled herself.

Aarif hugged her from behind as an appreciation that he would always be with her. She just stood there, letting the calmness sink in!

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