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Women – who ran the community!

Warli painting contains basic graphic elements such as circle, triangle, and a square. It is believed that the early tribes and Adivasis used to pain using these elements. Triangle and circle were inspired by nature and square was the only thing that depicted human enclosure. This painting makes me remember the power of woman.

Women – who ran the community!

During 3600 BC, Woliya tribe was well known and most prominent among other tribes. Ruled by Luth, a woman leader, the tribe was happy and content. Under a woman ruler, the tribe flourished and had all lovely things possible. It had the best crops, best clothes, best food and was respected by all.

The people of the tribe loved, close yet united. The power belonged to women and the men were all happy and content with it. They were content with their day-to-day routine.

Every family in the tribe was blissfully happy with what they had. The routine was sorted out. The men used to leave for agriculture and labor work while women busied themselves with housework. The evenings were spent sharing the rest of the work and some family time.

Luth, the bravest woman of all was the person who sorted issues between families and members. She was known to be righteous, unbiased, strong head yet had tender heart. Luth loved to paint and used to turn her emotions and happenings into painting.

However, good times are shadowed by bad. It happened with Woliya tribe. Their rival tribe, Mulla, which was strongly dominated by men and known for their crude ways – declared a war on them.
“We will ensure that men dominate this region,” roared Pol, Mulla tribe leader.

“And, I will ensure that we fight to strive our identity till we die,” said Luth

“You are wrong woman”

“Why is it so?”

“Because we, men are stronger than you. Look at our tribe, it has so many strong individuals and young man. Look at your tribe – all effeminate things!”

“Strong arms without calm mind are of no use,” Luth replied politely.

“HOW could you say that…” roared Pol, “you will regret it Luth.”

In their fight, which more of gender fight than power, Mulla tribe won. It changed the way Woliya tribe was perceived. The name and fame of the tribe was rubbed off and Luth was taken as a captive. But, being a strong woman, she decided to leave behind the marks on injustice.

Captured in all chains, Pol said to her, “Look I fulfilled my promise. You are my slave now!”

“You won it on basis of deceiving us. If you were a man, you would not have done it.”

“Shut up, you slave” Pol shouted, “you are nothing but my servant now.”

“Beware Pol, the new generation will know about your wrong plan.”

“Hahahaha…” laughed Pol “and how? You won’t be alive to tell them.”

“No matter how powerful the wrong doers are, true will find its way,” Luth replied calmly.

“How? I will slender you in chain.” he signaled his servants to carry her to dungeon.
In this beautiful Warli painting, she describes her & her tribe’s happy days. Luth also took to poetry to explain the wrong done to her and her tribe. Being an artist, she conveys the story, as she is helpless now. But hopes that one day all this would be avenged.

She wrote the following thinking that the tribe and future generation would kill Pol and take back what is rightfully theirs.

“The days were happy & gay,
When the evil stayed away.
Together we sang & laughed
Till our sorrows melted away.

Look at the circle,
It represents our evenings we celebrated.
Look at the trees,
Standing tall and lovely.

The circle represents life,
Of birth and death.
The circle represents happiness
That my tribe felt.

See a drum and a woman beating it,
Because we were that strong.
See the trumpet and a woman playing it
Because we were artistic people.

See how shrubs and trees grow
Because we cherished it.
See how the house stands still
Because we nourished it.

See the happy birds,
And equally happy Sun
They are were with us

Those deep dark lurking birds
Scared everyone with his or her sight.
They hawked, they roared
And everyone froze.

We fought with all our lives
But they took away our basic rights
Jealous & greedy they were
They did not even spare a kid.

He poisoned our crops
Which we cut fresh everyday
When our men cultivated it,
Little did they know, it would kill them.

When we stopped for break,
We ate the poisoned food,
Most of my warrior died,
And many wives were widowed and children orphan.

This is how he cheated us,
Took everything, even my army
Thankfully, some of them are alive
And I hope they trust me.

Captured and detained I am,
In all this criminal sand
With worry & tension on my hand
Of my people and tribe.

I hope they are strong in times of trouble
And stay united.
I pray for them and night
And will do anything to make it all right

This painting stays as witness of everything wrong
Will keep going in the time to come along
It will teach others
The story of justice & injustice.

Let it be guide for future generations,
A story to be conveyed for centuries to come
How history was twisted & molded
To suit one’s own intentions.”

Pol died but Luth’s avenge is due. In addition, she is still waiting her tribe scattered into the modern world to avenge her death and once again bring the rule of women – the rule of prosperity. Hope this story helps in bringing the truth in front.


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