Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash to the Rescue

Note: This post has been written for a contest, “Garnier Pure Active Neem” by Indiblogger.

Pimples are the common problem. You can have it at any age and irrespective of your food or day-to-day routine. Normally, I had kept good and healthy skin and did not had any pimple until my college.

It was our cultural festival and I had to give memento to our prestigious guests. And as luck would have it, two days before it, I noticed few pimples on my face. “What a horror! What am I going to do? Pimple? No!” thoughts swarmed around me.

It was our final year, the cultural festival had not begun, and I had pimples. What was I going to do? I sank into sadness and could not think of anything to do. Because whatever trick or treat I use, nothing could hide my pimples. No make-up, no treatment would be effective in two days.

As I put my thinking cap on to solve this mystery, my doorbell rang. I unsure to meet anyone with pimple face hence avoided till the doorbell rang continuously. I dragged & opened the door to see my friend standing there, mad at me. “What the hell took you so long to open the door?” she asked.

“Pimple”, I replied unconsciously.

“Show me”, her tone changed as she teased me with it.

“Sh… Anu, go away!”

“No… no… show me”, she demanded.

I led her into my room and she checked it thoroughly. “It is nothing…” she exclaimed.

“How can you be so sure?” I questioned her.

“Arre… In my teen age, I was pimple queen. I had so many pimples that I can now write a thesis on it.”

“Ha ha ha. Anu, it is not funny. I am so many things to do. I cannot apply make-up; I cannot go out and visit anyone. I will have to cancel my date with my boyfriend. And, most importantly, my college cultural festival starts day after tomorrow. I have to give memento’s to guest of honor. Also, my every evening has dance performance and on last day, it is a Disco night, how will I ever be able to attend it? I feel packed up! Arrgghh… these pimples… it is not a single day problem but everyday problem till it does not go.”

“Trust me, it is not that great. All you need to do is to wash it with cold water regularly so that the oil captured in your pimple can defoliates itself. It is not scary, as it seems. Just take care that you avoid using any cream or any other skin care items. Keep it simple, keep it clean.”

With an amazed look, I gaped at her. Seeing my expression she said, “Stupid. Stop Staring! I told you, I am pimple queen.”

“Yaar… I know. But it will take time to go and the after-effects, the black spots it leaves – that is scary! And my cultural festival. I feel like crying.”

“Arre… Darling! Don’t worry. Main hun na. Have you ever tried Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash?

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“Then try baby…” saying this she logged onto my laptop and showed me something.

“What’s this?”

“These are all benefits on Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash. The pure neem and tree tea extracts helps in removing excess oil from your face. Daily use it to wash away dirt from pores and germs. Check out - to know more!”

“Looks good. But will it be effective in two days?”

“Of course. You can pick it up from nearby store or order it from here - 

While we talked more about it over cup of coffee, I order my Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash. And, yes it was useful. In just two days, my pimple was light and it could easily be covered with powder. And within some more days of regular days, it went away without leaving any spot behind. 


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