Monday, January 5, 2015

Super Power to the Rescue

This blog post is for a contest held by on the topic, ‘Suppose that you get unlimited powers on the coming valentine’s day, choose the most special person in your life and tell us how you would use these powers to make it “the most memorable day in his/her life.”’

For this story, I choose super powers – invisibility, time travel and compulsion

It is 13th February 2015. I returned from my best friend’s birthday party and flung on the bed, tiredly. “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. All my friends will be celebrating it except me”, I thought. Every valentine day was same for me. I had never enjoyed it with anyone special.

As the pain in my heart grew stronger, I remembered the conversation I had with my best friend, Anu earlier.

“This valentine day also I am going to be alone.”

“You better find someone even if you are not serious,” Anu told me with strict glance.

“How can I do that?”

“Arre baba. When are you going to stop pitying yourself? It is time to leave your past behind and walk ahead.”

Lazily turning in bed, I could hear her words on repeat mode. I checked my mobile, hoping to receive some message from Rishi, my ex. It has been 3 years since we stop being friends. I reminisced the days spent with him and smiled & cried at the same time. We had a mutual break up and decided to stay friends. However, Rishi never really invested in that despite promising it.

As I re-lived our memories, my eyes started becoming heavy and I lured into sleep with dreams of our perfect relationship.

The alarm rang and I glanced at the clock. It was 8 A.M. I rushed from my bed, worrying that I might be late for office today. As I quickly searched my wardrobe for office dress, I dialed my manager’s number to inform her about my delay. The ring went for a long time but she did not picked it up and I left a message thinking it to be sufficient.

I rushed in my washroom and grumbled to myself, “how I wish I could reach my office right now”. Before I could believe, I stood in front of my office with toothbrush in one hand and in my night suit. “What the hell? How am I here?” I could not believe what my eyes were witnessing. I pinched myself realizing that it was true. Unguarded, I grumbled once more, “Back to home”. And whoosh… I was in my home.

“Am I drunk? Was it a dream? Did it really happened?” questions like these started bothering me. I decided to play it again. I said loud & clear, “To Anu’s bedroom, right now.” There I was standing right up on my sleeping beauty’s head. I thought of waking her up but it would have been scary for her. “Back to home”, I thought and I was back in my place.

I scratched my head for fifteen minutes before really believing in it. I looked around my house, no gene, no lamp, no ghost, and no spirit. Nothing odd then, why were my wishes coming true? Confused, I glanced around and my eyes went on a note beside my bed, which read:

“Dear Nikki,

Yesterday I heard your silent cries and sobs for love. They were slow but loud enough to shake me up. I could not resist myself and took the matter in my hands to know your past, present and future. It was then, when I came across Rishi, the guy you madly love.

I consulted my friends and mutually decided that since we cannot change fate nor can give hint as what is going to happen next, we will grant you something else. Today, being Valentine’s Day, I decided to grant you 24 hours of happiness, starting from the moment you open your eyes. For today and only today, you can select some super powers that can help you in meeting Rishi.

However, remember that you can use these superpowers for just 24 hours and have to be very careful with what you wish for. The way you end today, will change your future. Your decisions, is not only going to affect your life but Rishi’s too. So be careful with what you do today!

Yours anonymous,

It took me some time to digest what I just read. I danced, jumped, doubted, and finally thought to give it a try. Unknowingly, I had tried the super power of time travel, which had worked. Now, I choose to try compulsion where I mind - compelled my manager to give me a day off from her end.

The fairy/godmother/well-wisher, whoever she was, she gave me today to celebrate it with Rishi and I wanted to make it extremely special. I checked my mobile and then his WhatsApp, I exactly knew where he was and was excited to see him.

“Let me do something special before I leave”, I thought.  I glanced at my watch; it was 9 AM. I rushed into kitchen and started preparing Gajar ka Halwa and Rajma & Chawal for Rishi. Within an hour, I managed to have it all ready and packed.

I put on my best dress, stuffed an extra one in my handbag, took some make-up essentials, and packed lunch. I spoke, “To Bangalore, Rishi’s office.” And whoosh, within a second I stood outside Rishi’s office.

It would have looked odd to barge in so I called him. It had been long time since I had spoken to him. My heartbeat raced, as I did not know how he would react. Luckily, he picked up my call and said, “Hello Nikki”.

For a moment, I just went blank. Gathering myself, I said, “Hi Rishi. How are you?”

“Good. What about you?”

“I am good too. Care to meet me?”

I could hear faint laugh before his answer, “How can we? I am in Bangalore and you are in Ahmedabad.”

“Well… Actually, I am standing outside your office.”


“Hello, Rishi? Are you there?” and the phone went blank.

I was disheartened and planned to go back when I could see him racing up to me. He hugged me tightly and said, “OMG Nikki. What are you doing here?”

“Came to say Happy valentine’s Day” raising the tiffin.

He laughed. I joined him. There was so much to say and convey but his working hours prevented it. “So what?” I thought. “I can compel his boss to give him day off too.”

Few minutes later, Rishi and I had all the time in the world to enjoy our V-day as we liked.

First, we headed to Botanical Garden to have heart-to-heart talk. The minutes flew into hours and we did not even realize that it was lunchtime. I put up the plates and served Rishi the delicious dishes. Like a small kid, he smacked his lips while enjoying his meal. And, I died with happiness to be able to look at his ‘this’ look after such a long time. He had always loved the food cooked by me, a quality that he really appreciated but never expressed it.

“What’s next?” he asked.

“Nothing. You tell me.”

“Not planned yet. By the way, how did you reach here? No message, no contact?”

I was bit shaken with his question but put it up as a work assignment and a surprise for him. We looked at each other and could feel the same old passion rising within us. Lost in our own thoughts, we sat in the garden and he admired beauty around us. While he was at it, my mind was busy planning further events.

“It was so stupid of me to come unplanned for it”, I cursed myself. In excitement, I had forgotten what to do post lunch. Rishi had always been a calm, serene, and sweet person. He did not believed in lavish expenditure and show-off. For him, an ideal date would be some quite time with me. And, that is what I wanted to do exactly. But how?

“You posses super powers, use them. Compel him. Let him remember the date and not the places. Use your time travel to transport to some good place”, my sub conscious mind gave me some ideas. I followed it.

I compelled Rishi to remember travelling by flight and not time-travel super powers. Again using time-travel, I transported us to Anjuna beach, Goa. Being a Valentine ’s Day, it was crowded, so what? I put us in an invisibility aura where I set up boundary, which no one could enter. Now the only thing left was celebrations. Coming unprepared for a date is never a great idea. The next thing I did was to compel the restaurant owner to book us a couple table along beach coast and to serve us with lavish Valentine’s attractions.

I changed into the red velvet dress that I had brought along. It was sunset, when we sat down at our assigned place. The Valentine package included a quiet time with your lover to see sunset. We rested on soft beds laid for use while having coconut water. With each passing moment, I could see our bond growing stronger and we were back in our relationship. It was indeed a romantic moment to re-discover love for your first and only love.

The day went too fast and it was time for dinner. Our table was laid beside beach where we could hear the soft voice of soothing and calm water. The fresh and light breeze ruffled our hair and we laughed at it. The small candles made the environment cozy and romantic. Lost in each other’s eyes, we did not speak and simply enjoyed each other’s company until the food started flowing in.

After some sweet talk, we took a walk on the beach. Each wave brought a chilling sensation to our feet. The foam on the mouth of beach washed our hands and while it took nothing, it gave us small pebbles and shells as gift. Idly, Rishi and I walked hand in hand, laughing on a joke, getting serious at next time, hugging each other and being silent.

I did not realize that we had left our space far behind and we were literally away from our restaurant. At that time, Rishi took out ring from his pocket and proposed me. I could not believe what I heard and saw. Was it real? The love that has separated from me was back.

I said yes. He took me in his arms. The smile, love, passion, and companionship sparkled and gleamed in our eyes. A moment to remember forever.

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock went my clock!

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see myself in bed and in same clothes that I had worn earlier. “What just happened? Did it really happen or was it a dream? I questioned myself.
I checked my mobile. It was exact same scenario, I was late, and my mobile showed 14th February, 2015. Before I could digest the fact, my eyes landed on the table near my bed that had a crisp note saying, “Dear Nikki… “

Alternative Ending:

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock went my clock!

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see myself in bed and in same clothes that I had worn earlier. “What just happened? Did it really happen or was it a dream? I questioned myself.

I checked my mobile. It was exact same scenario, I was late, and my mobile showed 14th February, 2015. I said, “To Anu’s place now.”

It did not work. Dejected, I got ready for my work and realized that I would be spending today I was alone, always.  

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