Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review: Spiritual Success by Gopika Kapoor and Mohit Kapoor

Book Name: Spiritual Success

Author Name: Gopika Kapoor and Mohit Kapoor

Published By: Hay House India

Often the word, ‘Spiritual’ leads us to think that the concerned thing is preachy. But this does not happen with ‘Spiritual Success.’ A brilliant book by Gopika and Mohit Kapoor, they have illustrated how we can change things by changing small habits.

It begins by defining success. However, meaning of success varies from individual to individual. The authors in the book explains briefly how in this materialistic life, we are changing and so our needs. Also, they give sound advice's to change the view and restore peace and calm in our lives.

When I began reading the book, I was pleased by the simple words used to convey the depth. Small to-do things such as waking with smile, believing in yourself and be positive can bring a lot of changes. After completing it, I adapted these small things and was amazed the way they worked. Such small and free things can actually have positive result on you and your life!

The authors choose to start every chapter with a quote, which gave a glimpse of what they mean to say - I fell in love with this practice. By the end, my perspective to look at things changed. The book taught me a great lesson that in life, not everyone, and not every situation will be according to you. In such situation, you should be flexible, patient and understanding one. No work, stress or problem is big than your life and happiness. And, it is you who have to choose your priorities.

I must say, it is a must-read for everyone. Because no one would be able to make you understand things in such calm and composed manner. Also, the authors have shared their examples, which do matter.

  • The book talks straight to the point without being preachy
  • Meaning and explanations are apt

  • I could not find anything in it.


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