Thursday, January 15, 2015

Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

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“Get married”, my aunt said.

“No. I do not want to”, I said firmly.

The discussion was called off. Asking an 18 year old to get married just because “society says so” was not a reason acceptable by any on us. Us, being my parents, my brother, and me.

Being born in a Sindhi family, my primary job was to get married. No one and nobody thought beyond that. However, I am rather lucky that my parents are unconventional Sindhi’s who value studies and let me do whatever I want. They valued my independence, choice and knew that I can be much more than just someone’s wife.

As years came, so came struggles and challenges. And, I overcame them without compromising.

Studies v/s Responsibilities: The first challenge life threw at me; was to choose between higher studies OR home duties after I lost my mother at age of 19. But, I loved studying and wanted to study. Therefore, I choose to study AND take care of my house. Of course, it was not an easy task but I flew this test with excellence.

Career v/s House Duties: After post-graduation came another test. Choose your career or family. This time, I knew the challenge was tough because of full-time job. So what I said? I took Career AND House duties. Today, I am proud to be able to handle dual responsibilities flawlessly.

Career v/s Cooking: Weird it may sound, but people often have misconception that a working woman cannot cook well or do any household work. Being a foodie, I have always time on my hand to cook something different every day. I love food and believe that food connects people. And, no matter how tired I am, I will always find to cook. Once again, I choose to work AND cook lovely delicacies without any conflict.

While these are some of the basic fights, I fought; there was something else bigger than it. Being a writer, was completely my decision AND it was not a compromise for me. Many people and my family members advised me to find a government job or go into teaching, I stood firm on my decision to be a writer only.

Today, I work as content writer and many people for it acknowledge me. Forums like Blog Adda help us to reach out and thanks to it; those people who advised me are eating their words back.

Above all, I choose to be Independent AND Strong AND Bold And to have absolute Freedom. The struggle to do what I want was not easy. I still face many objections by people around me. But I can truly say that I am free to do what I want – in my personal and professional life. I achieved an absolute freedom and living up to it.

When I reflect my life, I am happy to live it as I want without compromising at any point.


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