Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An Honest take on 'The Great Indian Litterbug'

Note: This post has been written for the IndiBlogger Happy Hours campaign of, ‘The Great Indian Litterbug’, an initiative by The Times of India.

Me: Have you seen the ‘The Great Indian Litterbug’ http://greatindian.timesofindia.com/ initiative by times of India?

Mina: Yeah, I have. Amazing it is. And so true. I wonder why people behave like that?

Me: You have asked a very deep and intellect question, my friend.

Mina: Huh… How?

Me: Because no acclaimed person could answer it. Be it Enistein, Shakespeare or Nehruji, no one could ever get across it.

Mina: How can you be so sure?

Me: Because I know it.

Mina: You are talking, as you know why!

Me: Well, not know it actually but I can guess.

Mina: Please, enlighten me!

Me: Hmm… Let me put it as:

“They think it is their right,
To litter everywhere.
They think it is their birthright,
To throw everything on the road.

For them, the dustbins do not occur,
Everything outside their house is zero
So, they keep throwing things there forever,
A task from mindless thinker.

They see, they come and conquer
What is not theirs; is a dump.
So, why not litter?
After all, their responsibilities end with their homes.

Be it the ‘pichakri’ of their paan,
Or peeing in public,
Or throwing objects from window pane,
Or just stuffing drain!

They love to leave their marks behind,
In form of waste,
On the surreal beaches & the parks
Places that were built to provide peace.

They think, ‘let us leave our garbage behind’
So that people remember them
And on the next Republic Day,
They receive award for their achievement!

You see the peace they attain,
In spitting, pissing, throwing things, and gargling.
Is much great than the Nobel Prize,
And, all steps taken by government to keep city clean.

Look at the Verma ji or Sharma ji,
They love strolling in garden,
And to throw fruits peels
On the jogging tracks!

So, if a person jogs
Slips & falls,
They can make anecdotes
On how blind the youngsters are!

Have you seen families driving on a day out?
Or the aroma of lovely home-cooked food?
The rest that is left is for the dogs on the road.
And they aim it from their window!

Such is the problem my friend,
It will take time to end.
When they will realize, that the country is their home
And not an open garbage!”

Mina: Vow… Such beautiful way to convey the bad.

Me: Thank you. I hope I answered your queries!

Mina: Yes, you did. Let me explain you the further step, we all need to take and pledge.

“That was such a lovely poetry my friend,
Let us take a pledge then,
To not to add to the litter
And prepare some flitters

Where we can distinguish the litter-doers
And the honest people;
Ask them to help others
To overcome their disease of littering!”

Me: Not bad, you are turning into a poet.

Mina: All thanks to you, my friend!


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