Thursday, January 8, 2015

A letter from New Bride to Her Maiden Family Members

Dear Family,

It is amazing that how my life changed overnight.  My surname (and in some cases name) has changed, my identity has changed, my area, my room, my house, decorations, food habits, kitchen, my blankets, pillows, colors on the wall… everything has changed!

I am adapting to this new atmosphere and to this, new house but I remember you. Like any other child, I took you all for granted. I never thanked you enough to make me the girl I am today. Thanks to you, I am receiving lot of appreciation in my new home.

The people here are of course different and so is their behavior. No, I am no complaining. It is that I just suddenly feel grown-up in a day. Yesterday, I enjoyed, and talked with you all. Being my elders and younger siblings, you never let me feel that I am growing up. You all fulfilled my demands, dreams, desire and bore my tantrums and anger. Here, it is so different. I barely know anyone yet. I do not know whether they will accept me for the person, I am or ask me to change. I do not know whether I would be able to fulfill my duties as daughter-in-law. But I know, that even after my marriage, you will be there to help and support me. I trust my new family members to guide me but it is not going to be same. They already have lot of expectations, which is sometimes scary. But I know, with all your wishes, prayers and love, I will pass this examination.

I have moved away to a new house, a new city (in some cases new country) but I honestly miss you. Here, there is no one to keep my coffee ready when I wake or keep my breakfast ready. I have to do it on my own. I enjoy it but sometime I wish, I could just sleep and the work happened on its own. The new responsibilities are enticing but I do not know if it would be same always.

You have found me a good family and husband. But nothing and no one can be compared to you all. To my dad, who loved, protected, and guarded me as his princess, I miss that. To my mom, who rocked me to sleep, stay awaked when I was unwell and taught me all worldly things, I miss talking to her. To my brother, who teased me, poked me, and irritated me – no one is here to do that. To my sister, with whom I shared my sorrows, happiness and all secrets, I am dying to share all this new things with you.

To my paternal & maternal uncle and aunts who loved me as their daughter, I miss being around you and pampered by you. To my cousins, who were actually my first friends, I miss our round table conferences and heart-to-heart talk.

All my friends, who were there through thick & thin, I miss seeing them often and to make on-the-spot plans. Things have changed and I am trying to adjust to it.

My priorities have changed. From now on, it may happen that I would not be able to attend weddings, anniversaries & birthday parties, visiting cousin plans often but I still love and miss you all. During this time, the crazy and stupid memories of our childhood will provide me a fresh breeze and the pictures will lure me to sleep. And, I know that you all will be going through similar changes. Life has changed a lot, hasn’t it?

Nevertheless, no matter where I am or how far I am, I will always love and miss you. Miles apart yet bonded by heart, thank you my dear family for making me what I am today! I never said it but telling you now, my life is a great gift given by you! Thank You!

Yours lovingly,
Your little daughter-grown-up-suddenly


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