Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bangalore Quikr made my stay easy!

If you were relocating to Bangalore, how would you use to your advantage?

Shifting to another place/town/city is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and research before moving as it involves everything – from proper house to transportation to food.
I faced similar thing when I temporarily shifted to Bangalore for three years for my graduation. 

Being a student, I could not afford lavish and exotic lifestyle. Hence, I had to compromise. But, how would I know what is best in Bangalore?  

First, I made list of the basic things I need for settling:

  • ·         House on Rent
  • ·         Furniture
  • ·         Kitchen essentials
  • ·         Home D├ęcor

As I scratched my head how to buy all these at economic rates, web service of Quikr came handy. I logged in to my account and navigated to Bangalore section -

Then I logged in at Real Estate to search for a house on rent. Since, I was living alone, I found 1 BHK sufficient enough. I choose the rates from section given on left and searched for houses. Since, my college was near to Whitefield area in Bangalore, I choose a 1 BHK flat near it.

It was simple, as I needed. A small place, which I can call home. The rooms were small and comfortable that added a sense of elegance to it. The space was perfect to fill it up with just right amount of furniture. The colors of wall were painted and semi-furnished that made me love it at first sight.

The next part to fill up my new home for next three years was easy. I simply had to select furniture I liked, call the host, meet them somewhere comfortable, and store them up.

For my bedroom, I brought a simple yet cozy double bed. Since I like to my own space while resting, I choose to go with double bed so I get enough space. Also, if someone is coming to visit me, it would not create trouble for anyone!

With it, I brought a wooden wardrobe to keep my clothes and other belongings. A simple cupboard, wood has always enticed me. Also, wood cupboard goes with any color wall hence, it was first option.

For my hall, I brought a wall rack to stock up some showpieces and books along with a beanbag. The wall rack gave me total 5 spaces to align my books, novels and photo frames. Also, I could keep some wall clocks over the top of the rock. The colorful bean bag added the right amount of bling to my house.

With that, I brought a small chair and table combo, enough for a person! What more could I ask for? Being an easy and portable furniture, I could shift it at my convenience. Moreover, I could even use it as a resting place while reading.

Next, I bought vertical blinds to cover up my windows. The elegant and simple blinders prevent sunshine from coming in and look classy.

I decorated my kitchen with an electric cooker, microwave, and gas stove. These goods were brought at economical prize and are handy tool. Gas tool in case if I run out of electricity. Microwave to cook all the delicious pastas and pizza. And of course, electric cooker to cook on-the-spot snacks for friends get-together.

For the rest of the house, I brought some paintings that added some color to my house. 

Overall, Bangalore quickr service helped me to settle in Bangalore easily and without any tension.

Note: This post has been written for IndiBlogger and its associate contest, “It’s Just Quikr in Bangalore.”