Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Review: Your Tarot Predictions for 2015 by Karmel Nair

Book Name: Your Tarot Predictions for 2015
Author Name: Karmel Nair
Published By: Harlequin India

Future is biggest secret every human being wants to know. If they know what behold for them, they can easily change or mold it, as they like. No wonder it is an impossible task but with Tarot cards around you, you can surely be assured how it is going to be. At least prepare yourself for what is in store for you. Yet how do you know that the predictions are true?

Well, here is a book by well-known Tarot reader, Karmel Nair. She brings out, ‘Your Tarot predictions for 2015’ where you can know what lies in store for you. The uniqueness of this book is that it provides picture of the cards, which were chosen while reading about particular sign.
The book helps to get insight on monthly, career, family, wealth, health, love and spiritual progress. It cautions you and at the same time gives you relief. Of course, life is never smooth so how can the predictions be?

Why should you believe in the book? Well, I am Piscean and I read about my year. Trust me, I never felt so secure. Her writings are precise, to the point, non-preachy and apt. Just like life is connected so are the years. This simple book tells you how to carve or bend your way for a better 2015.
Each sign is dominated by a card that represented by stars. The proof is that the card’s picture is printed and those who know Tarot can read it. And those who do not know how to read, well you know your life. Compare it. I am sure, you will feel satisfied.

Often in predictions books, scary part is more that confidence. But that does not happen here. Like mentioned above, the apt reading makes you smile and feel confident. The tips by author will surely prepare you for your 2015.

Happy Reading!


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