Monday, January 26, 2015

A Tarot Talk with Karmel Nair

Karmel Nair believes that things are destined to be achieved. Tarot and Numerology is the spiritual journey and achievement for her. She has attained a master degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In a heart-to-heart talk with Strokes of Pen, she explains what went behind writing her book, ‘Your Tarot Predictions For2015.’ 

Q1.  For how many years have you been reading Tarot? How and when you ventured into Tarot, spiritual upliftment.

Karmel: I have been reading Tarot for 7 years now. It all began in 2008, although the Spiritual upliftment came in much later. This realization, as I would like to call it, occurred in 2010 after I went for my first Vipasssana Course.

Q2. How does Tarot work?

Karmel: Tarot is Aura based reading. To simplify lets understand it as energy reading. It uses your energy and predicts your future by using my psychic abilities. Tarot cards hence only act as a medium for interpretation, the key lies in the reader’s psychic ability to read accurately.

Karnel Nair

Q3. In the book, it is mentioned that earlier you worked as media professional & RJ. Tarot is completely different niche. Was the transformation in an altogether different niche easy experience or hard?

Karmel: It was a life changing transformation. Tarot started as a hobby, and then became an obsession and now a passion. I learnt tarot because it was intriguing. Little did I know, it would help me reach out to others in need and use this knowledge for the good of the others. The rewards for this transformation are many- but the most important one was the awareness of the inner consciousness. This occurred only because I chose Tarot and its humble beginnings over the other material successes of life. The transition has been smooth and remarkable and the transition is still in process, I am yet to attain liberation.

Q4. Who or What motivated to write this book? Moreover, how long did it take to pen down about each sign with such depth? 

Karmel: Making Tarot a household name was the motivation behind writing this book. Lot of books have been written on Tarot but none on its power of prediction and nor on the aspect of its spiritual connect. I believe an interconnected material about ones future and spiritual awakening would connect with readers more easily and simplify the jargon of Tarot. It took me 3 months to finish this book but the knowledge that has gone into it is my lifetime’s research and understanding of Tarot and its power. I came upon this concept in May and the book was ready in Aug 2014. However, the next years book (2016) has a different approach and would require more time and ease of writing.

Q5. In beginning of the book, you have shown the cards, how you read them and the basic spread. But how did you determine our ace or the ruling card? For example – For Aries, it is Emperor card, For Piscean, it is Moon etc. 

Karmel: Each of the trump cards is associated with the 12 zodiac signs. This is a known fact of tarot intrinsic to its deck. However, the task was in correlating these trump cards to the zodiac signs. This bit required lot of research and logic to relate the qualities of the 12 sun signs and the 12 trump cards to come upon the information given in my book. This factor will remain common and stable throughout my other books in years to come as the predictions may change but ones personality wont.

Q6. Many people have misconception that Tarot reader or reading can help them change their future. While in reality, Tarot Reading is a guidance for future. What is your take on that?

Karmel: Ones you know what’s in your future, you can use this information to either change it to reflect a better future or leave it as it is to manifest what has been predicted. Suppose if my readings predicted your failure in exam 6 months; you may either choose to act now to improve. To put in more efforts from what you have been doing so far to turn your readings around and thus avoid failure by doing this you have changed your readings, your future, only because you saw, what you did was not enough to arrive at a desired outcome. Tarot thus works as a guideline to change the future. The word guideline in my dictionary of tarot is synonymous with the power of change. Thus it’s both, the Future and the power to change this future.

Q7. Since Tarot works on aura and gut feeling. How does long distance Tarot work?

Karmel: Aura or energy means a sense of the person’s energy field or state of mind. It doesn’t need one to be present with you at all times. For my readings, I mandate client’s picture and then conduct their reading over phone. Seeing them through the pic and hearing them gives me a feel of their aura, the state of mind and thus makes it equivalent to the person being present in person.

Q8. Do you teach Tarot?

Karmel: No, I don’t teach tarot. I get this asked many times; I simply don’t have the time, patience nor a teachers mindset. I am still a student myself, teaching comes with great wisdom and patience. Oh I have a long way to go.

Q9. I believe lot of people would love to learn tarot, what suggestion, or advice would you give them.

Karmel: Finding the right teacher and the purpose to learn tarot is the key and seeking this won’t help. Purpose is simple and mostly often there but a good teacher does not come easy. If you believe Tarot is meant for you, you will come upon a teacher.  ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’: this happened to me and so will it unto you. 

Q10. Any message to readers?

Karmel: Be in the moment; be aware of your life and each moment every second. Do not be in the past or the future, the key to happiness is in the ‘present’ and hence it means -a GIFT


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