Monday, March 16, 2015

Tea Talks

Friends are awesome. They are there to support you, bring best in you, and rub you in the right way. They take you seriously, your dreams, and strive to make it a reality for you. It is rightly said that friends are your second family and you ought to choose them right. It is just like a pakka house, firm and strong for ever

For me, I believe, I am rather lucky to have such supporting and genuine friends. My soul sisters, Anu & Rupita have always been through my thick and thin. Not only that my other close friends, Reema, Shru, and Darshna – they have all been with me when I have felt low or just stop believing in myself.

My friendship with each one of them is on different levels and I would say, they have played a vital role in making me what I am today. From crazy and random late night talks to mature decisions of life – we have shared it all.

While most of the people believe that girls cannot be good friends – I say, look, I have so many of them. We girls have stood by each other, #together, every time the other was down. We vowed to be each other strength, pillar of support and not the ones who take everything from them.

My soul sis, Anu defines me as ‘good human being.’ She says, you are the person whom I can trust. Even if I am not there for you at time, I know you will always be there for me. All I would comment is that friendship is two-sided response. If she had been my support through all my stuff, we would not have been together for last eight years.

My second soul sis, Rupita, she is a patient hearer. She hears all my nagging, problems, patiently. And, she has solution for everything. Her practical approach and that makes me llok things in a better perspective.

Darshna, she is always there whenever I call her. She instantly comes at my place and helps in solving my problems. In another such a conversation, my friend Reema said to me that I have helped her unknowingly many time. I have boosted her confidence and been there in low times. All I would say is they do not know how much I love them. My friend Shru, we hardly talk to each other but we know we are there for each other, always.

Our destiny made me meet them and luck that we remained friends for so long. We are no a part of each other. In all major decisions of life whether, someone is with us or not, we know, we stuck together with each other always. 

Every moment is a moment of optimism. Talking to them is always inspiring for me and our talks help me and them to grow as an individual and to look life with a fresh perspective. 

Nothing can separate us. No state or country could bring the gap between us. Whether it is Mumbai, Delhi, or Dubai – they all stuck with me when I need them. And, I try to be there for them, always. We have a bond so strong that no one can break it. What I share with them is a moment and feeling of being #together. 

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Anonymous said...

#togetherness is the agenda for having friends and that only comes with loyal friendships and i m lucky to be a part of that gang . I love u to the moon and back !!

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