Monday, March 16, 2015

In a Frank Conversation with Dr. Wasim

Dr Wasim holds an MBA and Post Graduate training in Allopath as well as Alternative medicines. He uses a blend of traditional and modern medicine and bridges the gape between the too. He also has a doctorate in Acupuncture by the prestigious Institute of Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka and a Diploma in Ayurveda by the Ayurvedic Institute of Europe.

In a frank and straightforward conversion with Strokes of Pen, Dr Wasim shares what went behind in writing his first book, ’10 Patient’, a collection of real stories or we can say, his patients. Read the exclusive interview:

1.       How did you develop an interest in writing? Was it since childhood or an interest, you developed recently?

Dr. Wasim: I don’t think it was childhood. I always loved to read, but writing happened sometime around 2007-08 when I started writing about food. That is when serious writing started.

2.      You are a doctor and an author. Both the streams are different. How did you manage the shift between the two?

Dr. Wasim: Ha ha. I think writing comes naturally to me, so since my book is about my patients, it was an extension of my doctor profession.

3.       Tell me about your book, 1o Patient. Who or what inspired you to pen down this book?

Dr. Wasim: 1o patients is a book about 10 of my patients whose attitude towards life, struck me and their need to tell their stories to the world inspired me to write the book. These are ten true life stories of people whose attitude, I wish I had!

4.      Can you explain the thought or idea behind the title of the book?

Dr. Wasim: It was easy. 10 patient stories, so decided to keep it simple!

5.      There are ten stories in this book. Are they all fictional or there is some grain of truth
intertwined with them? Or are they purely true stories?

Dr. Wasim: None of them are fictional. All of them are true stories narrated from my point of view, the same way I have a conversation with them. When you read it , you will feel like you were sitting in my room and watching me talk to them.

6.      How long did it take you to complete the book? And, how’s the response been so far?

Dr. Wasim: It took me about 3 years to complete the book and one year of rejections before it was accepted for publication. I am very happy that the response has been great and that people like to read stories which are positive, but with the challenges of real life. That the book was sold out in Flipkart within 3 days was very satisfying. It has been made available again.

7.       Do you think, in a stressful world like ours, we need more positive books that inspire people?

Dr. Wasim: Not just positive books, but positive everything. Positive experiences of people, positive thoughts on living in this world and positive reports of good acts in the news. Negative news spreads like fire, so I hope and believe that more people share positives with the world.

8.      What should a reader expect from this book? Or anything that you would want our readers to know.

Dr. Wasim: Nothing at all! It’s a book that has to be read with an open mind! My readers have told me that some story or the other has affected them in a very deep level, so I think different people will take away different things from the book.

9.      “The book is about celebrating the human spirit.” Do you think in today’s time, this spirit has lost somewhere and stress, tension have taken over?

Dr. Wasim: Yup! No doubt about that. But it is amazing to know that people are fighting back and trying to live life again!

10.   As a Doctor, what would you share/tell people on living a healthy life.

Dr. Wasim: I believe that good food and good health go hand in hand. So, healthy life is personal! If you like rice, eat rice. Don’t force yourself to follow a diet that might be healthy for Europeans or American on people from Mars!!! Get activity that you love. It maybe jogging, walking, swimming, playing with your child, whatever. But get some mobility everyday! This will then ensure that your stress levels will be under control, you will sleep well and when both of this happens, you will stay healthy!

11.   You are a foodie too. How did you developed the love for food?

Dr. Wasim: Yup, my food blog was the first writing board for me!!! I love food. I have always been a foodie and that is why I  learnt to cook and eat well!!!

12.   How do you combine the love for food and your profession of doctor? As a doctor advises to eat healthy while a foodie cannot refrain love for food?

Dr. Wasim: Like I said, I  don’t think good food and good health are mutually exclusive.  You cannot have good health without good food and a good foodie knows how to enjoy good food and stay healthy!! My philosophy is that life is uncomplicated, but we complicate it. So I am out to tell the world to uncomplicated life. My patients eat good food during their treatments and they love it!!! It s a win-win situation! 


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