Friday, March 6, 2015

Dry baby, happy baby

Pampers is an iconic name when it comes to keep babies happy. The various products have ensured that the babies receive the best care and health. Easy to use and dispose, it is an essential product for any mother or mother-to-be or; I would say to the other family members of baby.

I am not a mother but I am very close to my niece Suhana, my cousin’s daughter. My cousin and me have practically shared everything under the sun and been best friends forever. When she was blessed with Suhana, my joy knew no bounds. I ensured that I stay with her always.

Though it is not possible since, we now stay in different cities but I ensure to talk to them frequently. When I visit her or she visits me, I am amazed by the awesome energy Suhana has. She is never tried of her naughty things. At one time, she is sitting with us and at next; she will be running around the house. She loves doing it. As soon as we get her dressed or bathed, she will jump and run off to various places.

Suhana is currently 2 and half years old. However, I remember when she just 10 months old; I was visiting my cousin; she (Suhana) was so excited that she would just not stop her naughtiness. She completely spluttered and ran around me and it took my all energy to keep her entertained. I played various games with her and not one time, did anything stop her.

My Suhana, now 2 & 1/2 years old
At that time, I asked my cousin that how she manages. I mean, I have seen babies whose clothes need to be changed frequently due to their frequent excretion capacity. My cousin said, “I use Pampers. The most trusted company of all. I have tried various products but Pampers is the best of all.”

She thus told me that how a good diaper is essential for a baby. She uses Pampers Baby-dry pants for Suhani. It keeps her dry, as their observant capacity is good. And when Suhana can play uninterrupted, she is happier.

My cousin believes that a baby’s growth is designed by their activity. As it helps them learn new things. And if these activities run smoothly, it boosts up their growth cells. Therefore, she always relies on using Pampers for her kids.

Well, all I can say that, I may not have any experience but it gives me great pleasure to see Suhana running, planning and keeping us on our toes with her activities. I love her and I know that anything done for her should be best.

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