Thursday, March 12, 2015

#StartANewLife - Battling Depression

Loneliness is dangerous. It is a phase where you can easily feel depressed. Loneliness does no good to anyone. It just breaks you down in pieces.

Loneliness in my life came at a point when I was not prepared for it. Of course, like any other natural incident, loneliness does not knock before coming. The loneliness phase struck me when my brother shifted to another city for further studies.

At that time, we were three people in house – my brother, my dad, and me. My dad, who used to work with The Indian Express as News Editor (now retired) used to return late in night. So after college till my dad returned, I use to be alone.

No one to talk too, no one to discuss with. That time was the lowest time of my life. I had grew up in a happy and healthy environment and was never alone for a moment. This loneliness came when I needed to be with crowd, the most.

During that time, I use to talk to myself and feel that no one was there for me. I used to while time and do nothing productive. Which, was quite opposite of my nature. I had completely cut off from the outside world and used to stay indoors.

However, I soon grew bore of the mundane lifestyle. At that time, my best friend counselled me and used to talk to me every day. Slowly and gradually, I shove off my lethargic nature and came out of my shell.

I did what I loved the most – travelling! It was all about travelling within Ahmedabad but I used to love it. With it, I mixed another love – Food. I use to check in in various new restaurants and cafes. I really enjoyed the ‘me time.’

I slowly developed my skills as a cook and a foodie. I gradually received recognition and appreciation for it. Had it not been for this love, I would have totally succumbed to depression. Had it not been for my friend, I would have lost to loneliness.

Today, I shudder to think of the consequences that could had happened. After all, loneliness is not an easy thing to escape. But I am happy that I had right friend to push me up. And, I did what my interest was.

I am happy that I took the step to choose better things in life. And did not merely succumb to the temporary depression cum loneliness phase. For me, it was like meeting an entirely new person, who knows what she wants and is ready to work hard for it.

Today when I recognized for the skills, I am happy and overwhelmed to receive so much of love. What makes me proud of my decision was to stay strong through everything and see myself in a new light.

I am happy that I took the bold step to leave the negativity behind and #StartANewLife. Look at the below video and be inspired from , who help in renewing your house!

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Ranjani Sastry said...

Nikita, silence takes over reading this initially, slowly converts to little tinges of realization and the joy of having YOU in life :)

Scott Thomas said...

Great post. For anyone suffering from depression, I always recommend the Destroy Depression system It was written by a man who cured his own depression naturally, it teaches 7 steps which help to eliminate depression from your life. It may have just saved my life.

Nikita Dudani said...

@Scott Thomas - Sure! Will read and follow.

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