Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Trendy with Anushree Kamath of AK Designs

Anushree Kamath is an Ahmedabad based Jewelry designer. She completed her studies from St. Xavier’s College. She loves to create something unique. Her dream was to become a famous footwear designer but landed up completing course in jewelry designing.
Today, in a candid talk with Strokes of Pen, she discusses her love for designing. Read about her journey as jewelry designs and what sets her brand AK Designs different from the rest!
 Q1) What motivated you to pursue jewelry designing?

Anushree: I have always fancied accessories ever since I was a kid. But initially I never had plans of getting into jewellery designing. After graduation, I started working as a content writer for a fashion and textile portal. Here. I researched about many designers and labels including Manalo Blahnik, Furla, Escada, Christian Louboutin, Steve Madden, Roberto Cavalli, etc. This highly motivated me as I realised my keen interest in creating my own designs than just looking at what other brands showcased.

 Q2) When did you started your own brand AK Designs?
 Anushree: I started AK Designs in January 2014 after a small duration of training in the field. You can say its just a start up venture and is still in its initial stages.

 Q3) The Fb page reads AK Designs as jewelry and footwear designs. Have you started footwear design or planning to start it soon?
 Anushree: Well yes. Footwear is definitely one of my future plans. I haven't fully started designing footwear yet. I did refurbish a couple of pairs for some of my friends. But due to unavoidable circumstances, couldn't start designing. So maybe after a year or two, will definitely start footwear designing too.

 Q4) Tell us about your designs. What is the inspiration behind them?
 Anushree: specialize in pearl stringing. So most of my designs showcase the extent of variety stringing can offer.
My main inspiration is the designer Manalo Blahnik. In spite of no formal training, he is one of the leading footwear designer across the globe. Apart from that, I have always been attracted to designs that look very unusual, or are unique in its own way. This uniqueness has also been my inspiration so far. The thought of creating something different, at the same time beautiful and attractive, inspires me and gives me the drive to design.

 Q5) As a jewelry designer, what/which is the thing or component, you lay your focus on?

 Anushree: As a jewellery designer it is very important to focus on the finishing of the product. Quality is a component that is of utmost importance. The worst thing for a designer is an unhappy customer. And most of my designs are made to order. So I have to take a lot of care that the customers get what they are looking for. Hence its important to focus on the quality of the product given to the customer.

 Q6) The trends of jewelry keep changing. In such a scenario, how to manage to cater audience with what they want? 

 Anushree: Fashion has become like an FMCG. Trends change every season and I regularly monitor it. But isn't it the dream of every designer to create their own trend! I dont have much of a problem as I provide customisation and personalisation option to my customers. Hence, if they like a design they can always order it in whatever color they want or make whatever changes they require. In a way that helps me keeping up with the trend.

 Q7) How important are colors when it comes to designing jewelry?

 AnushreeColours are very important when it comes to jewellery designing because people these days want a piece of accessory that is color coordinated to each pair of clothes in their wardrobe. Hence a variety and range of colours have to presented in the collection. But there are always a few traditional combinations that are ever green. So I offer a variety of colorful pieces as well as traditional pieces in my collection, out of which the buyers can choose as per their preferences.

 Q8) What sets AK Designs different from other brands?

 Anushree: AK Designs is different from other brands as most of the accessory brands do not provide an option of customization. You just have to pick from whatever is available or displayed. We give you a customization service so you can get your own design made or change colours of a given design as per your own choice. There are very few accessory brands that provide this service. And this sets us apart from the major brands. 

Q9) In your own words, how would you describe your journey till now and jewelry designing.

AnushreeFirst of all, this path was an unexpected one for me. The journey has been amazing, but there is still a long way to go. I think I am just taking one baby step at a time.  The best part of the journey until now has been the look on the face of your customer when they receive a design personalised specially for them. And the best marketing a brand can get is through a happy customer.

 Q10) Anything that you would want to share with readers.

AnushreeI would like to tell everyone that its never too late to follow your dream. And feel free to get your jewelry customized.  It is amazing to have your own personalized piece of jewelery that will be unique and won't be available anywhere else. 


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