Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Beyond Stars

My inspiration has always been Stars. Since childhood, I would love to stare ate them for long hours. My parent used to say that they would make me an astronaut when I grow up.

They have always been my friends when I felt lonely. The twinkling and glittering amaze me and I still stare at them. I always feel that they have something to suggest, say and advice even by being far away from me.

The bond with stars grew after my mom’s death. I could always feel closer to her while staring at stars. No, I do not believe that she has turned into a star after her death. But I always feel a spiritual and personal connect with stars.

Recently, when I was feeling low as my best friend shifted to another city, the first thing I did was to gaze at the sky. Me and my friend Anu have spent last 8 years together in school and college. When she shifted for job, it was hard for both of us to stay apart. After all, all crazy ideas and reviews, I had to do it with her.

I kept thinking about her and her job and the good times spent together. I constantly kept seeing stars as asking them question, ‘why did this had to happen?’ And instantly, there was her call explaining how happy she was to achieve her dream and living in her dream city.

As we spoke to each other, I realized that I could not stop her from dreaming or living her life, the way she wants. After all, we would always be soul sisters irrespective of where we live. It was a miracle, no less, of her calling me when I was at my lowest.

The spunkiness in her voice and her determination was enough to boost me up. I looked up at the stars and felt as they were smiling on me. It could not have been better! The open sky and the glittering stars just made that moment perfect.

It made me realize that sky is just like our life, we have enough of opportunities, waiting to be used. And just like stars, we have to find our perfect space. After all, constellations look lovely because they are placed right!

That moment filled me with optimism and hope. A hope that we will remain friends no matter what and no matter where we are. The sky, the stars, and the breeze made me feel that I am alive once again. The stars just got brighter and my hope larger!

With a broad smile on my face, I beamed with joy and danced as I found my happiness in my friend’s. Yes, I do miss her but I know just like stars, our friendship will too shine and will be timeless.

Just like Look Up, face the optimism in you and fill yourself with new hope.

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