Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Women’s Day: A day made special by Radio One Team and British Library

8th March, every year is marked as an International Women’s day. This year; as the day came nearer, advertisements were flooded with empowering women campaigns, there were debates happening, movies especially for up-liftment and on strong women were to be telecasted. Of course, many women felt that we do not a single day to celebrate womanhood. And, there were many who just wanted to celebrate it.

I being no exception had very neutral viewpoint until this year – when I felt special; thanks to the competition held by Radio One and British Library.

To describe the events in proper order – I received an e-mail announcing ‘slogan competition’ held by British Library where we had to write a slogan for an image given.  I raced up my brains and finally wrote a slogan and sent it. After receiving the confirm receipt, I was invited for the movie screening of ‘nativity 2’ where winners would be announced. I made up my mind to go there – in hope of winning the competition.

With a plan already set for celebrating women’s day at British Library, my happiness doubled when I received a call from Radio One team on 7th March (my birthday) declaring me as a winner of a contest played two days ago. The price was to watch the much-celebrated movie, “Gulaab Gang” with my female friend at Mukta Cinemas, Gulmohar Mall. So next, I geared up because it was a dream-come-true! Since I saw the promos, I was madly attached and dying to watch Madhuri and Juhi team up for a social cause. Radio One, just made up my birthday and women’s day by giving me this price.

As the day dawned, I got dressed in pink; the dress code to watch movie and together with my friend, we went to collect the tickets and headed to theatre. There, to my amazement, I came to know that that show (1:45 pm) was booked only for women’s and it was wonderful to see everyone dressed in pink of all age groups. The RJ’s of Radio One welcomed us and after a brief hello & hi’s; the movie started.

 Not stopping just to this, we were served with refreshments during the entire movie and had a gala time. In interval and after movie was over, we had clicked pictures and RJ’s stood to hear our experiences. I personally, thanked them for making the day so wonderful and brightening it up.

Next, I hurried to my next programme at British Library. After registering, I was delighted to see my junior over there and was happy to get company. Soon, the anchor came by and she asked the participants to sit in the front row. After a mutual agreement, the winners were disclosed in the beginning. I did not win the prize but was awarded with a participation certificate and a gift as a token of appreciation. There, again, I enjoyed while watching the movie and chatting with my juniors.

British Library served us with coffee in between of movie and pictures were clicked as memories! There, after the screening was over, we were told that the slogans would be displayed in British Library in the coming week and pictures will be mailed across.

On return to my home, after varied adventures, I thought that yes, we do not need a particular day to celebrate womanhood but, then, this did made me feel special! Just like, we also do not need friendship day, mother’s day, father’s day or any such day to tell people how much we love them – we do end up celebrating it as it gives a platform to showcase our love and do things that make them happy. Similarly, women and girls are loved and showered with love everyday – but if something like this is organized – it really makes you beam with a pride, as you are a star on that day.

No matter what you are fighting, winning, losing or doing – everything is kept aside and the lime light is on you!

The Picture by British Library for the competition

My Certificate!

slogan entered by me was, "Every smiling faces and happy eyes have an untold story."

I would like to thank Radio One team and British Library Team for their efforts to make the women feel special and to give them a chance to come out and meet some like-minded people. Thank You Guys! J

-Nikita Dudani


bhoomika trivedi said...

u have got good narration power.... plzz write something more concrete and let ur voice be heard by others....
like : ur views on politics and woman, voting right traffic issues .......

Nikita Dudani said...

Hi Bhoomika...

Thank you for your words of appreciation :) It means a lot to me.

And regarding your suggestion on writing on varied and concrete topics, I have written some of them in past and continue to do so. Kindly, read the following topics and let me know your take on it. And, keep watching this space :)




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