Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Vampire Diaries – Reviving the tale

“For Centuries I have lived in a secret until now… I know the Risk but I have to know her. I am a vampire and this is my story”

These lines were enough to keep me engulfed and intrigued throughout the show. “A vampire and their story – it will be interesting” – I told myself. What began as a hope to see mass murders, day-night question and lots of killing was added with tang of love, friendship, loss, death, uncertainty, supernatural, emotions, heightened feelings, care and above all – that world is still beautiful!

Based on the book series by L.J Smith – The Vampire Diaries is a television series built in fictional town – Mystic Falls which, we learn is home for all possible supernatural beings.

Damon – the rebellious, witty, unchanging elder brother, Stefan – the caring, concerned younger brother and Elena – look alike of their lady love – Bingo, the triangle is on and so are my nerves.

Season 1:

Stefan – a newbie who just joined college. While there was Elena who just lost their parents and huge pile of mystery around them – Perfect! It was not long before when my mind accumulated Stefan to be Vampire wooing a girl for unknown reasons – when I heard “Hello Brother” and as camera took focus – I saw in front of me a young, dynamic and hot personality with that smirk; and all I knew was that I was in love with Damon.

But hold on, that’s not enough. What TVD S1 provided were – Bonnie – to-be-witch, Caroline – the next vampire, Matt – the bar tender, Vickie – ghost-to-be, Jeremy- Elena’s little bro and next vampire hunter, Jenna – Elena’s aunt, Alaric – the school teacher, Katherine – well, you all know about her!

Twists, twists and more twists – that is what TVD S1 gave. Everyone changed in Mystic Falls. Mystic Falls; an imaginary place where all the alleged Bad things takes place. All characters belong to the Founding and wealthy families – with a rich heritage of secrets, lie and magic!

Season 1 gives us lot of mysteries. Like any television show, it introduces character and leaves a sketchy present, past and future daggling around them. We just know that Elena parents drowned but who saved Elena is unknown.

Alaric – the new hot history teacher knows much more than he is supposed to know. Stefan and Damon have love-hate relationship because of Katherine – where is she now? What happened years back between them? Who turned Vickie and other such questions surround us like a swarm of bees. While viewers like me are so much into these issues – there is another circle circling around – parents of all the characters, for example, Caroline’s mom –Sheriff, Tyler’s parents – mayor of the town, Elena’s dead parent’s, council members and others are trying every possible thing to keep the town vampire free.

But will that happen? Season 1 ends with arrival of John – Elena’s uncle who we later learn are her biological father and Katherine finally showing up to clear up the mess. In short, season one builds a strong atmosphere, which grips, terrifies yet make viewers ‘want more.’

Season 2 –

It carries the thread forward. Bonnie is a practicing witch. Elena and Stefan are happy together. Damon is upset with Katherine’s betrayal, Vickie is dead and so is Tyler’s dad – mayor of the town.

The viewers were engaged and in love with Vampires and were learning to love them – when Season 2 dropped in Werewolves. It is learnt that Mason – Tyler’s uncle is a werewolf and the family is curse, which, goes off; if they accidentally kill someone.

Hmmm… that explains the reason why Katherine was with Mason and why she put Matt under compulsion to provoke Tyler to kill someone.

Adding to it – we met Elijah – the original vampire. The first generation and with flashbacks, we come to know that Katherine is a doppelganger – whose blood is needed to remove curse. Hence, originals behind her and in order to save herself, she kills herself with vampire blood in her system. Another series of flashbacks also takes us to bits and pieces of Stefan and Damon and Katherine bonding, Katherine originally giving birth to a girl before she converts.

On the other hand, we have Caroline – a newly turned vampire and Stefan teaching her to control her urges and to live on animals. Behind all these happenings – we come to know that there is one original stronger than everyone who is behind Elena – the next doppelganger – and she needs to be protected!

Klaus the strong vampire is in town and what is revealed is that a sacrifice is need to take place for letting Klaus to complete transaction to turn into a hybrid. In the events that follow – we see Klaus as a hybrid and death of Jena and John. Damon is wounded and in exchange of his life – Stefan joins Klaus. It ends with Jeremy’s dead girlfriends – Ana and Vickie coming back.

To be continued...

 -Nikita Dudani


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