Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dove – Go play!

Keep it open or tie it up. Show off with a dazzling saree or a flowing gown – hairs are best when they can be played with.

I have always dreamt of long flowing hairs that can be left open or bun-ed up. As my hairs are already curly and fluffy; they look good with any attire and have never failed me.

Yet, I have to keep my hair short and get regular haircuts, as they are very rough and dry. No matter how much I try to keep them in a format, they always blow away.  This problem keeps me away from styling them.

Whenever I see full grown and long hairs of my friends, I secretly wish that even I could grow long hairs and play with them. While, watching Dove advertisements, I secretly hope that one day; even I will have such smooth and long hair. Especially the new #DovePlay song is exact replica of my dream to wave them, turn, twist and mold them as I like.

If this happens, my dream of many years will come true. With curly, fluffy, long and smooth hairs, I will be ready to conquer to anything. Whether it will be a corporate meeting that requires styling or a party, where I can flaunt my hairs or any casual sitting – I will be ever ready to play and try any style, form and accessories on my hair.

Dove as I have tried, has always helped me manage my hair. And, I thanks Dove for being a solution to my persistence problem.

This blog is written for a competition in association with #DovePlay and Indiblogger.

-Nikita Dudani


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