Monday, March 17, 2014

Rejoice, it is Holi!

On 17th March, 2014 people across India will indulge in celebrating Holi. On this day, children, youngsters and aged people all come out to enjoy this festival. Being a joyful and colourful festival, this festival is symbol of good over evil. It is also known as festival of love.

Historically, Holi is celebrated when Hiranyakashipu, a king received boon to be invincible. His powers and arrogance grew and he taught himself to be god. It was his son, Prahlada; who did not believed him and stayed devoted to Lord Vishnu. Not bending as per his father’s saying, Hiranyakashipu’s sister – Holika tricked Prahalda into a pyre of fire where she was protected by a shawl. However, Lord Vishnu came to his rescue and saved him. He also killed Hiranyakashipu yet, establishing story of good over evil.

Therefore, every year a night before Holi, Holika (pyre of fire) is burnt symbolizing same thing. It has another historically aspect too – that of Lord Krishna colouring face of his love Radha.

In Ahmedabad, Holi is celebrated with pomp and ceremony. People come out with dry colours and watercolours and splash them on each other places. Special sweets are made and every one – foe or friend is treated equally on this day. Reminiscing childhood ceremonies, Holi used to be more systematic. Every family in locality used to come out one by one and apply colour. Then, they used to move on to next house and repeat the procedure until all houses are covered in neighborhood.

Songs such as Rang Barse Bheege Chunar wali, Holi ke din sab mil jate hain and other would accompany it. Holi would end by tea and lunch gathering at particular house, where everyone contributes.

Evolving that system, today, there are lavish dance parties organized at party plots and hotels where youngsters groove. Making their way to above mentioned songs are: Do me a favour, let’s play holi and Balam Pichkari – which will be hot favourite this season!

No matter how much movement happens – Holi continues to be favourite festival not only of colour but also of love. In parties, where nowadays, friends come with their group – the chances of meeting other people are great and of course, splashing colour on the person you like – is indeed a great opportunity.

Friends, relatives and couples go and meet their loved ones and greet them. Evenings are often spent in removing the colours, which are not easy to go. But, that is not a problem, because if you are to meet someone after holi, a colorful face is acceptable. Still, go after massaging your body with oil that will help in easy removal of colour.

Have fun! Have a joyful Holi!

-Nikita Dudani


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