Thursday, March 13, 2014

Politics - a game!

It is funny to see how people change according to what is served to them. When people and media were supporting Arvind Kejriwal, everyone seemed to follow him. And, when they stopped doing that, everyone put down their feet!

If you are following a party/person, you would never trust him without knowing the details. But, it seems that in the background of Kejriwal - this must have happened. The leader on whom people trusted to bring changes, put down his seat (reasons still unknown) as per his convenience.

Once again, the voting system failed to choose an appropriate leader. I am not speaking in favour or against of anyone, but, I definitely find it weird and shocked at intelligent and politics lover people around me; who choose someone on just fan following.

Who is to be blamed here? Aam Janta or media? Who has more power to play? Politics has always been a profession for players, who can play and defend well. It is like 'jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai.'

And, with such things happening around, it is our duty to understand and judge what is being told to us. It is on us whether to make or break government- then why are we not using our power well?

Enough of 'chalta hai' attitude, stand up my friends and vote properly and efficiently.

-Nikita Dudani


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