Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Toilet for Babli

Note: This post has been written in response to #ToiletForBabli sponsored by Domex and conducted by IndiBlogger. 

As a child whenever I travelled, I used to see many people excreting in open. I always thought why would do they so? My growing years made me understand that they do not have proper sanitary facilities to afford. The increasing burden to manage their daily life food and other necessities does not give them time to think about making toilets.

The consequences of open defecation are more that it seems. Lack of proper toilet and sanitation can cause many hazards. The risk of falling sick is there but do you know that in many areas women are not allowed to go to toilet until it is dark? Imagine the horror delaying the need to visit toilet can affect the women badly. In turn, the most affected women are the pregnant ladies who are forced to wait until dark. It does not only risk their health but health of their child too. It is also a basic cause for the malnutrition in our country.

Not only adults but children are the major group to get affected by it. They are the future of tomorrow and when they are open to the unattended defecation, they tend to fall sick. Moreover, children below the age of 5 also open up to the risk of dying. Many villages in India lack the sanitation facility and hence, people on average fall a prey to it.

As per Indian mentality, a girl should always be behind veil but when it comes to excretion, they are willing to let their women go out in open. Isn’t it a time when we should do something for it?
Domex has come up with an interesting initiative where you “click to contribute.” For every click they receive, Rs. 5 will be donated towards initiative of building proper sanitation and toilets in villages across Orissa and Maharashtra. All it needs is your click. To read more about it, visit their homepage -

They have created interesting graphics that highlight the plight of young children especially girls in villages. Through a simple and child game, you need to ensure that all girls like Babli have a safe place to excrete without felling shy or looked upon. After all, toilets are the basic human rights and every person born deserves them.

Poverty among villagers has made it impossible for them to create toilets for them, as they do not have proper money to buy food. In this situation, it is time we lent them a hand and helped Domex initiative.

I have done my part as being fellow Indian and human. Now it is your turn. Tune into Domex website and ‘Click’ to save children by ensuring that they get proper sanitation facilities.


anusia said...

This is a good initiative that you have taken for the village girls privacy. It also the matter of hygiene.

Nikita Dudani said...

@anusia - thank you

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