Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#BringBackTheTouch to Sparkle up your Relationship

Note: This blog post is written for Indi Blogger ‘HappyHours’ contest sponsored by Parachute Advanced Body Lotion.

Kirti was happy as she was going to meet Sameer after a gap of a year. It had been hardly 6 months to their engagement when Sameer had to shift to another town for a better job perspective and career.

In the initial stage of separation, they had stayed in touch through calls, messages, and skype. But as the pressure and demand of the new job increased, it cut down their ‘special’ moments. His new life kept him so busy that he did not have time to come back home of festivals.

Kirti missed him but she understood the pressure and waited eagerly for his return. She thought that nothing could come between their love. As the flight landed and Sameer came out, she was nearly in tears. As he kept coming forward, her heart thumped loudly. He came close to her smiled and hugged her. But it was not the same as before. Thought Sameer was close to her, something was distant in them. At first, she thought it must be airport for the cause but no!

At their home, their families were happily preparing for their marriage, as time was short. He was just for a week’s time. In all the preparation, whenever Kirti and Sameer meet, she felt him to be away from her. He was always busy over calls or laptops even on dinner and lunch; he had his iPad with him.

“Why do you need to have an iPad or phone with you always?” Kirti demanded.

“Kirti.. It is midnight and we are getting married tomorrow. Don’t you think we can discuss after marriage. You need rest so do I. We have to catch an early morning flight day after tomorrow.”

“I asked why you need to have iPad or phone with you always?” this time her voice was soft, low, and filled with passion. Her eyes were watery and she needed an answer, the lost spark before their marriage.

Sameer understood her feelings and came close to her. “Because it is my work. I have to be available all time. It is my responsibility.”

“So whose responsibility am I then?” Kirti spoke in a soft tone.

Her words came as a shock and surprise and hit him hard. For some time, he could not speak. She hugged him and this was indeed the first time he felt the like he used to before he left for job.

He sat down with her and took her hands into his. The milky and soft skin of Kirti made him realize what he was missing in his life. And when Kirti took his hands into hers, her longings and emotions were now secured as she had got her love, her Sameer back.  All their tensions and worries blew away and they had their own special moment that rekindled the spark in their relationship just as day before their marriage. A single moment of #BringBackTheTouch worked for them to feel the same magic.

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