Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Review: Nirbhaya & Others Who Dared

Book Name: Nirbhaya & Others Who Dared

Author Name: Kusum Choppra

Published By: Vitasta Publishing

Nirbhaya & Others Who Dared is a book that talks about women survivors. It does not matter who they are; rich, poor, middle- class, in their teenage, late 20’s or 50’ – a women’s life is an endless struggle.

The author of the book, Kusum Choppra brings forth the feeling, that it has been enough now! Women need to take the matters in their own hands (just so that we are clear, matters have always been in women’s hand, now it is time to make people realize it) The book talks about the societal, cultural and gender norms forced on women and how the society stops them from following their dreams and ambitions in life. Why is it necessary to put women in chains and not men?

Asking and educating about these facts, the book is a collection of 22 stories where women from all walks of life a widow, a rape victim, single, divorced, or married took a stand and faced some strong situations. All the stories have been inspired from real life incidents and some are true stories too. They are of true survivors – A Nirbhaya in every sense.

Amidst lame love stories and reinforcing stereotypes novels, Nirbhaya & Others Who Dared comes across as a refreshing book. As a girl and a voracious reader, I am filled with hope and strength to not to lose hope and face my troubles with all the conviction. Nothing can be more empowering than education, being headstrong and to stand like a mountain. This lovely book does not put fear in me but make me fearless.

My favorite stories from the book are ‘Lila Aur Marathan’ and ‘Jai Ma’. The former is about a lady residing in a village, who is dumped by her husband. Still, she does not loose courage nor does she turn away from her responsibilities. Its end has an amazing twist that really struck with me and reaffirmed that as a girl, I have lot of power and can achieve anything I put my heart on. While, ‘Jai Ma’ is about domestic violence and how even after tables are turned, the protagonist chooses to be docile while making her husband realize that he was wrong! Each story comes with a super twist in tale which will surely make you smile!

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. It is a must read for every woman and of course men who respect and love the women in their lives.


Vishal Kale said...

Excellent review... shall read this book. Seems interesting... on a side note, Nikita, I also penned my thoughts on a related but far more benign aspect of our patriarchal society. You can find it here :

This is a tentative first look; would like your views on this

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