Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Sound of Love

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”. 

“This is too common, yaar,” Siya said.

“But these are the normal things people do on Valentine’s Day”, Ruhi demanded.

“No bud. I want something else.”

“Pheww… Siya, you and your weird ideas. If this is the problem then you plan something of your own.”

“Yes. I will.”


Later in the night, Siya threw herself on bed and thought. “Why the hell can someone not think beyond the usual? Food, flowers, dress, glamorous parties, soft toys, and some gifts – that’s all… I want to do something else!”

Siya spent her entire night thinking what she could do special on this special day. It was not just about celebrating Valentine’s Day but doing something witty, childish, or weird. She wanted Samay to remember the Valentine’s Day for his entire life. After all, there various other ways to rekindle the romance in any relationship.

As the dawn cracked, Siya was sure of what she wants to do. She texted her friend Ruhi to meet up as she would want her help.

“Tell me”, Ruhi adjusted herself on the café’s chair.

The next hour was spent in explaining Ruhi about her plan. Ruhi sat awestruck and surprised.

“Oh My God! Siya, that is splendid. How did you think of it? Though it is little childish but yea… sounds fun.”

“I am sure Samay will be very happy about it.”


The big day was here. Siya woke feeling happy and excited for her V-Day. She called up Ruhi to check that everything was working fine and on time.

She quickly changed into the pretty and short length blue lace dress and put up her new sparkling silver heels. Hastily, she completed her breakfast and dashed out of her apartment.

Her car was parked right on her spot. Thankfully, there were no cars behind and after it. She hoped onto it and drove straight to Samay’s house. She quietly tip topped to the house and opened it with a bunch of extra keys, which are always there.

She slowly opened his room and saw him sleeping. A single sight of him astounded her. “He looks so irresistible even while being asleep”, she thought. Dismaying the distracting thoughts, she moved towards kitchen.

After an hour, she had prepared mashed eggs, cheese sandwiches, orange juice, coffee, and some fruit cream. She then rushed, banged his bedroom door, and hid in another room.

A half-sleepy and half-clumsy Samay opened the knob to see who it was. He could not see anyone. As he returned to his room, she tapped him from behind.

“What… Shit… You! How?! You scared the hell out of me…” Samay uttered in a shaky voice and Siya literally laughed hard until she turned red.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Surprise baby…” she hugged him and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“OMG. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. Thank you for the surprise. For coming and wishing me in early morning.”

“The surprise has just begun”, Siya expressed with a smile on her face.

“Acha? What is it?”

Siya pulled his hand, took him towards the dining table, and exclaimed, “Surprise! A yummy breakfast for you.”

Samay was stunned to see such a lovely spread on his table. “Wow. That is amazing. You cooked all this?”


“Pretty cool. When did you learnt cooking?”

“Just for you. Today morning only!”

“This is so romantic. Thanks”, Samay hugged her.

“There is more. Prepare for it. Finish your breakfast and then I will take you for your surprise two.”

“I cannot really believe it. But I am thinking it is going to be an amazing day of my life.”

After breakfast, they both drove towards Ruhi’s beach house. Siya had arranged a small get together of couples there. She knew Samay’s friends hold an important place in his life and she wanted him to be with them too on this special day.

She had arranged a Karaoke session for all the couples where they took turns to sing for their partners, no matter how bad or good it was. After all it was all about expressing some love. As everyone got busy in singing Karaoke, Siya took turn to help Ruhi. Catching some time alone, Samay hugged Siya from behind while she was working.

“I love you, Siya. This is the happiest day of my love. I love the way where you gave space to our ‘We’ time and my friends too. They all are appreciating you. Thank you baby.”

“Hey… You need not thank me…” Siya spoke softly. “…I love you, too.”

“This is such a sweet surprise. Though, I should have done planning…”

“Haha… there is more, wait for it…” Siya cut him short.


“Yes. Wait for evening. After lunch there is going to be some more ‘We’ time”, saying this, Siya returned to join the gang.

Later in the evening, Siya and Samay drove towards Siya’s apartment. It was lit up with candles and decorated. Between the room, dinner table was set just as the typical romantic dates should be.

“So what is the plan now?” Samay asked Siya.

“Let us dance.”


“Yes. And not just any dance, we will sing and dance like they do in films.”

Samay laughed and questioned her, “I am bad singer, you know, right?”

“So what?” Siya demanded. “Let us do this. I wanted to do this since I was in 8th garde. This has been my biggest dream to do a solo dance & singing with my partner. Please…. Let us do it!”

“Okay… If you want it, we will do it. I owe you. But more than that… I want to do it for you.”

They spent the entire evening dancing on various  badly rhymed songs. Just like Siya had imagined it, her this year Valentine was a special, different from others!


Just like they found their #SoundofLove, you can do same too. Watch the video below and discover your #SoundOfLove!


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