Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book Review: Detective Sahasasimha – The Jungle Adventure

Book: Detective Sahasasimha – The Jungle Adventure

Story & Script by: Sahil Rizwan

Published by: Keerthi

When I get book reviewing offers, they are normally fiction and non-fiction genres. Something that makes you think, question, and makes you read between the line. But when I was asked to review a kid’s book, my joy knew no bounds.

With every single page, I was reliving my childhood. The good old Tinkle & Amar Chitra Katha has blessed my childhood and so has Uncle Pai.

When I set to read the story of Detective Sahasaimha – The Jungle Adventure, I was lost into my own kid’s world and fantasy. The story is teaches many values such as loving animals, how to take care of them, being vigilant about surrounding and being brave and smart.

Notable things about this story were that it is educational as well as fun read. The graphics, the dialogues, and the moral were conveyed effectively. For children, visuals and colors matter the most and this story had it all.

I believe that when you pen down books for adults, it is much easier than writing something for kids. Their minds wander a lot and it becomes difficult for them to read something continuously. Stories and books like this, which are just 30 pages, are light, crisp, and colorful. What can we ask for more?

Also, such books help us, adults, to sink back into childhood and remember the good old days. The writer of the story Sahil Rizwan had done a wonderful job by explaining & teaching a lot with minimum dialogues. It is a pleasure to see such books that help in forming a strong base to any kid’s childhood!

I would recommend this book to all children and adults. Read it. You will relive your childhood days. And parents could seek some guidance on how to generate interest in their children. Instead of just indoor activities, support them to play outdoors. In addition, while they are at home, start building their reading habits by buying them such lovely copies. It will only be beneficial for their future.


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