Thursday, February 12, 2015

Canavs, a musical benchmark in Gujarati Cinema

Canvas is an upcoming Gujarati movie. I came to know about it through their blogger activity. Honestly, I was first hesitant to check it out because it is Gujarati film. However, I was surprised to see the activity that was happening on their Facebook page.

The graphics were justifying what the film is going to be about. Each graphic spoke about love in various forms. For some it is seduction, for some it is their world and for some friendship. From the ongoing waves on their page, I can safely say that this film is going to be about love and friendship. A youth centric film.

My favorite clip from their page is:

The actors here definitely represent a lifeless relationship. But their eyes seeks compassion and acceptance of their past & present. For me that is a good thing! I believe that everyone comes with troubles and problems and you have to find a right person who would unwind it and accept it.

Moving on, their recent song video is also amazing. It is pleasant to see a Gujaarti film having such classy sound track. I must say that I am in love with the music. It is surreal and is definitely muse to ears.

To know more about its music, you visit their Youtube channel.

This blogpost has been written for Blogger activity conducted by Canvas film. 


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