Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Truth is always peaceful and serene no matter how glamorous lies are."

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Truth always triumphs. And, it is best to be hurt with truth then be comforted with lie. I realized fact when I was in higher secondary and preparing for school monthly exams. I always wanted to pursue Arts but little did I know that Economics will not leave me even in Arts.

I had a love-hate relationship with Economics. The more my parents insisted me to pursue it as career, the more I hated it. During my monthly exams, I was prepared to give my best for all subjects except Economics. Despite my parents asking me to prepare for it and practicing the problems, I just blew the time thinking that I will do that it later.

I kept postponing it and the exam day drawn. I was very nervous and kept cursing myself for not paying attention to it. I had just a day left to prepare and I knew I would not be able to do so. Instead of indulging in my books, I spent the day doing household activities. My parents, especially my mom was noticing this but she did not utter a word. It surprised me, as she was very particular about it. On my return too, she did not spoke anything about my exam.

During late evening hours, I sat down with my books thinking whether to take examination or not. Since, it was just school monthly exam, I thought it would be all right to skip it as my grades were safe and secure. I spent the night in dilemma and in morning, my mom woke me up as I had an exam. I just simply replied that I do not wish to go as I am not feeling well and have vomited twice in night. Without a word, she left and got busy with her household chores.

In fact no one from my  family questioned about it. I thought that everything has swallowed my lie until evening when my mom questioned me about it. I told her the same think. She smiled and said, ‘Beta, if you had been unwell and had vomited, I would have heard it. Moreover, you have been behaving properly all morning. There is no need to lie as now there is no one at home.’

I was dumbstruck and guilt filled within me. Without any other thought, I told her that I had not prepared and feared that I would fail. And, that is why I thought I better skip exam. My mom told me, “That’s it? Just a fear of losing made you skip your exam. I would have not you’re your failing but skipping exam that too with lie hurts me a lot. I do not my children to be such fearful persons.”

“I am sorry.” I said to her

“It is okay. I already forgave you otherwise; I would have forced you to take your exam. Anyways, fearing does not lead you to anywhere. I never asked you to top your class just appear for your exams. Even it means failing but exams are important as it removes fear from within. So promise me, that tomorrow, you will get question paper and solve it at home.”

“I promise and I am sorry. I am feeling relieved now after talking to you.”

“Truth is always peaceful and serene no matter how glamorous lies are!” my mom concluded our talk.

Those words of her made me fearless and my heart never shook before taking exams no matter how tough the subjects were! Also it taught me that truth is always biggest asset. So friends, always be truthful and do not forgot to watch this video, which will teach you that truth always strengthens the bonds of any relationship. 

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