Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Night That Was

Note: This blog post is written for the contest ‘Yes or No to Pre-Marital Sex’ held by Indiblogger in association with Poonam Uppal and her book, ‘A Passionate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical TrueLove Story.’

Kirti awaited for her friend, Anita at their favorite hangout. Kirti sipped her coffee while turning the pages of her book, A Passionate Gospel of True Love: A Mystical True Love Story by Poonam Uppal. It was funny, she thought that how the story of the book matched her life story of finding true love in his friend turned boyfriend, Sohil.

She blushed and smiled as she remembered the time spent with her love Sohil. Last night had been an amazing adventure and fun night. It was the time when two souls had combined into one and she found herself drawing more close to him than before. She was lost in her thoughts when Anita’s presence shook back to real world.

“Hey there, sleeping beauty. Where are you lost?” questioned Anita.

“There you are finally.” Kirti hugged her and said, “I have been waiting to tell you such an important thing”.

 “I am here. Tell me but before that let me tell you that the book you are reading looks pretty good.”

“Oh! This one! It is really amazing and you can buy it from Flipkart at amazing price.”

“Cool. Now, tell me the important thing for which you called me in wee hours of morning. Are you pregnant?”

“Haha. No, not yet.”

“Not yet?” asked a dazed Anita.

“Well, after yesterday night all I can pray that I do not get pregnant although we have played it safe.”

“You slept with Sohil?”


“Wow.. I mean what am I expected to say?” Anita’s confusion could clearly been seen. “So, what do you want to do, celebrate?”

“No silly. I just wanted to share. I have never felt so happy in life. My entire life had been fileld with do’s and don’ts. But I am glad that finally, I can take my decisions and live up to it.”

“How has Sohil reacted to it?”

Kirti adjusted herself a little before answering and told her, “To be honest, I do not know. In the morning, he seemed pretty happy but little confused. Maybe he was as surprised as me over the events that happened yesterday.”

“Why was he worried?”

“Well, you know, we both had decided not to have pre-marital sex. But since that vow has broken, it is baffling for us.”

“Are you happy with your decision?” confirmed Anita.

“Hell yeah! I am a modern woman with her own perceptions. For me pre-marital sex is just a way to express your love towards your partner. If we were married, were we not going to indulge in it and enjoy it? So why not now? We have committed each other and expressed our emotions, what is wrong in that?”

“Sweet heart, I do not have objection but yeah, basic fears like if Sohil leaves you after it and all that somehow pops up for a moment. Haven’t it happened with you? The basic trust question?”

Kirti took a deep breath and replied, “Yes. Those situations have popped up in my mind too. But, I am mature person and the pre-marital sex was consent of both. So, I do not have regrets that I did it. I know Sohil and I know he loves me madly as I love him. Still, if our relationship does not work in future, this one night adventure would not crush me down or make me feel guilty. I can take responsibilities for my action. Also, in India, in an arrange marriage, where you are forced into sleeping with a stranger and still do not have guarantee of it working – I feel my relationship is more worthy than it.”

“True my friend very true. In that case, all you need to do is know is to talk to Sohil and know how it feels.”

“I will. But let us enjoy our breakfast first.” Saying this, the ladies were lost into their own chatter and talks.


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