Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 – A year that was!

Years come and go. The countdown has started and by the time, I post it, it might be over. With December here and celebrations around the corner, it is time to say Good-bye to 2014 and welcome 2015!

Before I do, I would like to stop and look back at the amazing memories that made my 2014 awesome. From winning 7 contests to attending lots of marriages to new friends and to trips, 2014 has been grateful and awarding to me. Here is a throwback on amazing moments I had this year –

1st February, 2014: My college friend Marisha Mehta tied a knot with her beau Sagar Shah. It was an honour for me to be part of this traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony where they both looked amazing. One look at them, and their love for each other just sparkled in their eyes. Marisha looked pretty in her white-red panitar and so did our new jiju, in his blue shervani. It was a wedding to remember and I wish them all the best for coming years.

6th February – 9th February 2014: My sweet, gorgeous school friend Priyantika Sinha Roy married Ankur Ghosh. Now, she is Mrs. Priyantika Sinha Roy Ghosh and trust me, looking at this beautiful couple, love will blossom in you once more. They both look like a movie couple and I hope they always be in love and stay happy. In the 3 days affair, while I shopped and saw selected places in Kolkata because of time constraint, I did have fun time in being with bride and capturing all Bengali wedding rituals. From preparing for Sangeet to dancing on Sangeet, my long cherished dream of performing came true. Her wedding rituals was another thing; I did not want to miss as I was seeing a Bengali wedding for first time. And, yeah, such glamour and so exciting it was! Her marriage followed by her Bidaai – it was an experience I am glad I did not missed. Also, made lot of new friends at her wedding.

18th February – 21st February 2014 – The most awaited days were here. The end of February was great as my college friend, Shaesta’s elaborated Nikaah followed. And, she was a stunning bride! Shaesta had always been lovely, friendly, caring and a typical pisecian friend and I really admired her for her qualities. So when the news of her marriage and permanent shifting to London floated, well I was quite sad but happy for her too. On 20th February 2014, Shaesta and Zuber exchanged their vows in full blown Islamic tradition. Once again, it was first time when I was attending a Nikaah and I was completely love in the way it was organized. All my friends had a blast at her wedding and the Jodi, O God, they both complimented each other so well. I wish her & Zuber jiju all the happiness in their life.

7th March, 2014 – One year down and I completed 23 years of my life. A day, well – celebrated with friends and family. Of course, I have to thank my best friends Anukriti, Rupita, Mahima and Reema to be present in the celebrations and my family for the lovely surprises. Above all, the best surprise came from my Buddies group who surprised and stunned with their cake. It was not the cake that was unique but my name converted into, ‘N Bhaiiii’ and gloriously written on it. J Whenever I think of that moment, I cannot stop laughing. And, the good news of my friend Jia excepting flowed in, I am telling you, I had not been so excited about my birthday as I was after the news. So buddies, Tee, h Bhai, Perry Bhai & Jia – if you are reading this, thank you!

Another sweet surprise that awaited me was my first prize of the year. On my birthday evening, I got a call from Radio One that I have won free tickets to ‘Gulab Gang.’ O man, a good experience! Read all about it here – link

8th April 2014 – I learned the art of Reiki from my Guru Alka Dalal. This art was taught to me with love and I practice it with love. I can never thank my Guru for teaching it to me. From then to now, I owe my Guru for being a continuous support and moral booster.

13th April 2014 – My friend Rida wedded Faisan. And, it was another Nikaah, I visited and I loved the simplicity and elegant décor. Rida & Faisan together looked perfect- made for each other and I wish them a happy married life.

12th May, 2014 – I joined new job! Yeah… from being friends and freelancer writer to Rashida, I joined her company, Rashida Intellectual Branding. A start-up, this company boosted me and helped me in personal growth. 7 months down the line, I can safely say - it is one the best company that I have ever worked with. Not only Rashida, but also Raj and Tasneem aunty – they all are like a family now! I never felt any pressure and with such understanding we work, I hope we stay a team for years to come.

20th June-30th June 2014 – The most awaited trip of the year was here! A family trip to Dalhousie and it was sheer happiness to be there. Away from the madding crowd, close to nature and to a lovely Hotel – Dalhousie is definitely a place to visit. But what added more to this trip was my second prize of winning Housey game. Never in my life, I have ever won Housey game and as I began losing courage, there I was and that too twice. I won the Dalhousie specialty – Mirchi Chug as prize and trust me, the feeling was awesome.

14th July, 2014 – This day turned into extremely special as I won the third prize (2nd runner up) in a contest presented by I won a cash prize of Rs.5000 and believe me, I did not believe the news. It was a too much of surprise and happiness wrapped in one.

22nd July 2014 – Once again needed to mark this date. It was my dad’s birthday plus his first day after retirement. My dad, Naresh Dudani retried from his post of Acting News Editor at The Indian Express, Ahemdabad. The day was emotional as I was very happy to finally have him at home all day and sad that since I am doing job, I won’t be available all time. It was grand celebration with close associates and I hope my dad enjoys his this phase of life. God bless him. J

24th July 2014 – Came in another surprise through e-mail. I received it from Zomata saying that I am receiving a free lunch voucher for Radisson Blu. O boy, the loud wail I let you in happiness, I cannot explain it in words. Thank you Zomato and Radisson Blu for adding a memory.

7th August, 2014 – Now came the biggest surprise of this year. I won the second prize in ‘Golden Moments Contest’ by Ferrero Rocher, India. What I won? Free to & fro flight tickets to Bangalore to meet my brother. Well, it was a Rakhshabandhan contest and yea… I was excited to share it with him.  So, during mid-week of August, I flew to Bangalore and had amazing time with my bro and sightseeing Bangalore.

29th November – 3rd December 2014 – Another marriage but is baar mere bhai ki shadi thi yaar! My cousin Karan Dudani tied knot to his dream girl, Kanika Vohra. The wedding functions spread in three days were lot of fun and excitement. The pleasant weather of Guragon kept us company and family get together are always fun. It was a Sindhi-Punjabi wedding where we had a gala time in teasing my bro, enjoying the wedding and dancing!

10th December 2014 – And when I thought that this year will close with wedding, sweep came another prize on my way. Once again it was Ferrer Rocher but the contest was for celebrating Christmas. And, yeah, this time it was there 16 chocolate box that was on my way.

I would thank my loving friends & family for being a constant support in all my endeavors. And, to all my new friends, I made this year, I hope our friendship grows stronger.

It was totally an awesome year. And all I can say that it was an year that was and I hope 2015 would be more rocking!


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